Office Feng Shui

Expert Beverly Biehl shares tried & true tips to Feng Shui your workspace

The Intuitive Interior founder says a Feng Shui misconception is most people think that a clutter-free home is ‘good Feng Shui.’ She says this isn’t necessarily true, but “by placing items in your space with intention and focus, you gain a feeling of power and control over your surroundings. Look at the stories of the stuff you surround yourself with. Do you still like what it is telling you?” Here she shares three Feng Shui tips people can incorporate into their office.

1) Sit in the "Power Position." This means you have a solid wall behind you and aren't directly in line with the door to the room. If you are in a cubicle and can't avoid having your back exposed, drape a red sweater on the back of the chair to act as a STOP sign and add a small mirror to the side of your monitor to see who is coming up behind you. 

2) Avoid working in the bedroom. This is a space for sleep, snuggling and rejuvenation, not watching TV or answering emails from your cell phone. If that is the only space for your home office, invest in a screen of some sort to block the view of your desk from your bed. 

3) Choose rounded corners for desks and avoid glass-top desks with metal legs. This combination increases the chances of opportunities "falling" through and can increase fatigue at the end of the day. Wood and wood-look materials are the best as they enhance growth and focus.

Beverly started studying Feng Shui in 2003 after completing treatments for breast cancer and a neighbor gave her a book on the Western version of Feng Shui as another way to get back to vibrant health. Learn more at TheIntuitiveInterior.com

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