Ohana No-Till Farm

Changing the way we think about and grow our foods

Article by Mckenzie Joyner

Photography by Ohana No Till + Provided

Originally published in Meridian Lifestyle

Ohana No-Till Farm uses sustainable farming methods through utilizing greenhouses, indoor growing, and no-till farming practices.  They use a perm-culture method that promotes robust soil capable of producing the most delicious and nutritious produce possible.  This is a farm changing the way we think and grow our foods, including not spraying for pests. I loved being able to visit a local farm to understand the ways I can enjoy their products and support them directly and at local restaurants.   They are part of the Treasure Valley community who farm harmoniously with the fauna and flora who call it home. Follow me on for more recipes and where I share simple and realistic holistic health tips


Premium Veggie Box and loaf of fresh bread.


Ohana No-Till Farm


Like tasting a rainbow!  Deep greens, rich purples, bright oranges


Zoodles, stir-frys, big salads


One stop shopping for tender microgreens, seasonal pickles, jams (try their blackberry!), apples, spinach, mushrooms, carrots and so much more.  The rosemary focaccia, sourdough, and sliced loaves from Acme Bakery is a must for all the homemade sandwiches you'll make.  This is the place for all your fresh salad and zoodle meals made all the better by supporting your local farmers.


Ohana No-till Farm 

1335 E McMillan Rd, Meridian, ID 83646



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