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OKC’s 405 Girls

​​​​​​​Empowering OKC's Creative Scene: An Exclusive Insight Into The 405 Girls' Journey, Vision and Impact on Local Content Creation

Article by Kaylin Hill/Kollab Creative Co.

Photography by Kaylin Hill/Kollab Creative Co.

Originally published in OKC City Lifestyle

In a world where content is king (or “queen” in this case), the power of diverse narratives, creativity and female empowerment is taking center stage in Oklahoma City.

I recently visited with the dynamic collective known as The 405 Girls—composed of Lestari Kusumawardani, Lauren Cross, Masha Andrianova, Melissa "Mel" Drake and Sicilia Talavera—whose journey from chance encounters to a formidable content creation force is as inspiring as the stories they share.

The idea of The 405 Girls began over chips, salsa and margaritas after an encounter at the OKC Ballet’s Ballet Ball in April, when conversation turned to something they viewed as lacking in the local market.

Fueled by an absence of platforms celebrating diversity, creativity and female empowerment, they realized it was up to them to fill this niche. Being in the thriving Oklahoma City area served as a perpetual source of inspiration, providing a backstage pass to a renaissance period marked by cultural infusion and innovation.

The 405 Girls refuse to play favorites with their projects, recognizing the unique place each holds in their hearts. Their enthusiasm is reserved for collaborations that align with their values, ensuring authenticity in promoting only what they genuinely support.

Their creative work is a testament to this, reflecting a love letter to the 405 area code, encapsulated in pixels and hashtags. From local business highlights to featuring extraordinary individuals, their goal is to showcase the finest elements of our beloved city to the world.

As champions of inclusivity, The 405 Girls actively contribute to fostering a sense of community among local content creators. They prioritize supporting fellow creatives through events and social media, advocating for a collaborative rather than a competitive mindset. Their advice for aspiring content creators is simple, yet powerful: find your niche, stay true to your values and fearlessly pursue your vision.

Looking ahead, The 405 Girls envision a future where their collective impact elevates the overall standard of creativity in the 405 region. With the goal of diversity through representation and female empowerment, they aspire to inspire others to follow suit. The dream is for The 405 Girls to become a household name, inspiring the next generation and showcasing the 405 area as a hub of talent and innovation.

The 405 Girls are making deep inroads into the digital world with their unique blend of creativity, empowerment and diversity. Their diverse expertise spans luxury fashion, cocktails, travel, body positivity and motherhood, making them a versatile choice for brands. As a sisterhood, they support and lift each other, firmly believing that collective success leads to individual success.

As a tribute to their muse (the 405 area), The 405 Girls craft a digital love letter. Each member adds a unique perspective, making their work a celebration of the region’s diverse cultures and ideas. With eyes set beyond Oklahoma, they aspire to showcase the 405’s excellence on a national stage one day.

The 405 Girls’ launch brings much-needed representation to Oklahoma City and surrounds, leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape. Their proactive and confident brand voice, combined with a multifaceted approach to content creation, promises to take the online marketing world by storm. The hashtags #WeAreThe405Girls and #DiversityIsOurSuperpower encapsulate the essence of their mission.

The 405 Girls aren't just a brand; they're a movement. With dreams of inspiring the next generation, they aim to leave an indelible mark on the 405 region. Their unique blend of creativity, business acumen and unwavering support for one another sets a new standard in content creation.

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“Community, diversity and inclusion is the glue of the 405 girls” - Masha Andrianova