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Few things are more demoralizing for a person’s self-esteem than to have missing or damaged teeth, a malformed jaw, or some other type of disfiguring condition that affects the face. While they’re not technically miracle workers, Dr. Seth Brooks and Dr. Perry Brooks nevertheless perform cutting-edge surgical procedures every day that help restore these individuals’ damaged self-esteem, plus eliminate pain and transform lives for the better.

Headquartered in Norman, their practice—Oklahoma Dental Implants & Oral Surgery—is family focused. Patients range in age from children just starting elementary school to the elderly, with a special emphasis on care for veterans. Minor and major surgical procedures such as removing impacted wisdom teeth, correcting jaw misalignments, putting in dental implants and repairing traumatic injuries are only a few of the many types of treatment offered.

Patients can take comfort knowing they’re being cared for by an oral and maxillofacial surgical team that’s at the forefront of dental implant and other types of surgery, said Dr. Seth Brooks, who joined the practice last year. As one example, the practice was among the first to embrace the in-office CT scanner, which is essentially a specialized X-ray machine that captures three-dimensional facial structures. Traditional X-ray images are adequate for most dental and surgical procedures; however, the use of the CBCT machines allow for much more precise planning of dental implants and complicated surgical cases.

This 3-D imaging is also used effectively to identify the location of impacted teeth and nerves, to assess facial structures for trauma, to localize pathology like tumors, and to assist in virtual surgical planning, he added. These digital images and videos are then shared with a patient’s referring doctor or dentist to collaborate and complete a successful treatment plan and surgery. To boost comfort, patients have access to a variety of types and levels of anesthesia, including opioid-free medications, both during and after procedures.

Dr. Brooks said that the practice is evolving to include more complex dental implant surgeries. One example would be a patient who requires implants to replace all of his or her teeth, plus a denture prosthesis.

“These are life-changing procedures for a lot of patients, as they often go from not wanting to smile at all due to deteriorated dentition, or they are missing all of their teeth and cannot eat the foods that they want,” Brooks said. “When they get their new teeth they can smile again, eat steak, etc. Oftentimes, they are in tears when they see their new smile.”

Another new direction is a focus on care for veterans. “Dr. Perry recently had the opportunity to take care of a very special patient who, due to the effects of PTSD, had deteriorating teeth to the point that she was staring down dentures at a very early age,” Brooks said. “We were able to place upper and lower implants and, in conjunction with her dentist, restore her beautiful smile. She instantly gained her confidence back, and it has made a huge difference in her life.”

Combined, both doctors have nearly 30 years of professional experience beginning with graduation from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. To become oral surgeons, both underwent a four-year (or five-year?) hospital-based, surgical residency to ensure they were extremely well-versed in all aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery, including office-based anesthesia. More information about their qualifications and the practice is available at, or you can reach the office directly at 329.3500.

In addition to being OU alumni, both have deep roots in the Norman community.

“We are not just a practice that provides the highest level of oral and maxillofacial surgery—we are active partners in our community,” Brooks said. “We work with Norman and Moore public schools sponsoring programs and activities. We believe in not just making our patients lives better, but also the lives of everyone in our community through public service and outreach.

“We are so passionate about working with veterans that we will soon begin working with the VA to provide more oral surgery services to veterans in need,” he added. The practice is also reaching out to the Native American community.

Above all, Brooks said, patients who come to Oklahoma Dental Implants & Oral Surgery are treated like family. “I am a father of three young children, so I empathize with putting your child in the hands of another physician,” he said. “It is important to know that we are passionate about providing a top-notch level of care—care that is 100% patient centered at all times.”

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