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Olympic Day 2019: A Local Gym Salutes its Stars!

Article by Alexandria Bolden

Photography by Kayla MaDonna

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

“I’m so emotional right now,” begins Kathy Cochrane, grandmother of Super Mites performer 5-year-old Isla, who poses before a camera in her American flag leotard. “Looking at her reminds me so much of Kelsey,” said Cochrane. Kelsey is Isla’s mom, a former Tumbleweed gymnast who practiced and performed at this very same gym. “We’ve been with KiDsGyM USA® and College Park for years. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Cochrane noted.

Their family took part in Olympic Day 2019 – the 31st annual Olympic Day for KiDsGyM USA®, a local nonprofit based in College Park, Georgia. Sponsored by WSB-TV, Hudson-Dufry and Georgia Power, the event took place Saturday, May 11, at Conley Recreation Center. 

The event was a major success with parents, family and friends awed and entertained. Having worked hard all year in highly structured classes with professionally trained coaches, children demonstrated their skills in a culminating performance. The kids performed in groups – Wiggle Worms (12 months to 3 years), Mighty Mites (3 and 4 years), Super Mites (5 and 6 years), Boys (5 and up) and DynoMites (5- and 6-year-old elites). Each performance opened with a collective warm-up, then broke into groups rotating from the floor, to the mini-trampoline, to the vaults, high beam and uneven bars. With every rotation, each performer showcased their gymnastic abilities, including tumbling and routines on bars and beams. 

This year’s Olympic Day Corporate Ambassador Pedro Cherry, Executive Vice President of Customer Service and Operations for Georgia Power, is a former Auburn graduate, track athlete and football player. He engaged the audience, sharing the importance of sports in building confidence and perseverance in all areas of life.

Amidst the excitement, KiDsGyM USA® noted that sponsorships and event proceeds will help support the Atlanta Mission’s My Sister’s House and City of Refuge’s Feed My Lambs programs this summer. Olympic Day 2019 is yet another stellar event for the record books at KiDsGyM USA®!