On Pins and Needles? 

Encircle Acupuncture answers all your questions.

We all, unfortunately, know the woes of aging all too well. One day you're moving through life without a care, and the next you’re icing your shoulder after sleeping on it wrong. Many people accept pain as a part of life, but we’re shedding light on a solution available right here in Bellevue at Encircle Acupuncture. 

“Acupuncture offers so many benefits for a wide range of health conditions,” shares Alexa Hulsey, L.Ac., founder of Encircle Acupuncture. “It’s a great treatment for any type of pain, because it’s safe, non-invasive, and effective. Conditions like back pain, neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines and neuropathy all respond very well to acupuncture.”

The benefits don’t stop there, however, as acupuncture is also an excellent solution for concerns like stress, depression, anxiety, and poor sleep. 

“It really helps with mood regulation, and most people find the treatments very relaxing,” Hulsey adds. “Acupuncture can also treat more complicated internal conditions such as digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances and even infertility.”

Hulsey opened the first Encircle Acupuncture clinic in East Nashville in 2010, returning to her home state after attending school in Los Angeles. What makes Encircle Acupuncture unique? Pricing operates on a sliding scale – ranging from $25 to $50 per treatment – in an effort to make acupuncture affordable and accessible. 

“We don’t do income verification or have any approval process; we trust patients to be the best judge of their own financial situation, and pay at a level that works with their budget,” Alexa adds. “We keep our rates affordable by treating patients in a community setting, which means that patients are all seated in recliners in one big open room. This gets back to the traditional ways of how acupuncture was practiced in China—an inexpensive, effective treatment that was accessible to all.” 

Following the success of the first clinic, Hulsey partnered with Nashville native Trey Brackman to bring the practice to Bellevue. When Brackman was 19, he accompanied his mother to an acupuncturist while she was undergoing cancer treatments, and soon, Brackman started booking appointments for himself. He saw first-hand how treatments helped his mother’s health improve, while also seeing major changes in himself. 

“I used to have insomnia from a very early age and acupuncture was the one thing that made a huge difference. I stopped having nightmares, and my restless sleep subsided,” Brackman shares. 

Together, Brackman and Hulsey opened the Bellevue clinic at 140 Belle Forest Circle in 2019, and have been helping residents experience relief ever since. During an appointment, expect a brief consultation to identify goals before treatment begins – which usually consists of inserting 10 to 20 needles targeting the patient’s concern, then relaxing, meditating, or even sleeping for about an hour. 

“For me, the best thing about practicing acupuncture is the connections I get to make with my patients,” Hulsey shares. “They entrust me and our team at Encircle to take care of them, and many of them are coming to us for help at a vulnerable time in their lives. It’s a privilege to be a part of their healing journey. I hope that patients feel encircled by love, acceptance, hope and healing when they visit our clinics.”



“It’s a great treatment for any type of pain, because it’s safe, non-invasive, and effective.

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