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On-trend for Autumn

From Color to Cuts to Eye-Catching Accessories

With every season comes change and hair fashion is no exception. Fall announces it’s arrival; this time of year inspires people to tweak a little something about their hair in order to evolve with the season.  This fall brings bold cuts with rich color that never fails to impress. A few trends to watch for: showy accessories, long bobs (the “lob”), chocolate-brown tresses swirled with a caramel balayage, and smokey ash blondes to highlight fall’s comfortable-yet-chic fashions. Enjoy these sneak peeks, all created by stylists at Chris Lane Salon (3511 Mountain Lion Dr, Suite 210, Loveland). All accessories from Target.

Briana  Long Hair

Stylist Briana Syracuse, who specializes in subtle, natural highlights, exhibits several upcoming trends on Emily’s lush locks. In one look, she models sleek, long locks with a drastic middle part that brings focus to her bright baby blues. This classic style is reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s, when long, healthy, glossy tresses ruled all. The modern length and high shine bring this look squarely into 2020.

For her final look, Emily models something Tik Tok followers are noticing: subtle, slightly crimped waves that offer interest. These barely-there waves completely change up the overall look of Emily’s smooth strands, providing texture and depth.

For color, Syracuse chose a rich, espresso brown from the Redken line, on-trend for fall. The autumn sun will catch different colors and hues, offering varied dimensions to Emily’s long hair.

Shannon     Bobs

Meghan sports two of fall’s most popular color and style trends: a smoky, ashy blonde lob. While the shorter bobs of the past have enjoyed their fair share of popularity, this fall’s cut gets an update by leaving the hair slightly longer than the standard bob, which allows for versatility in styling. This style also represents fall’s move towards bold moves and choices: what’s riskier than cutting off all of your hair for a delightfully new twist?

Meghan’s stylist, Shannon Moser, demonstrates a variety of fall’s trends. The beauty of the lob is it’s manageability and adaptability, allowing for a variety of styles. A deep side part paired with sleek hair turned up in a flirty flip at the bottom gives a fun way to mix up a straight-hair look.

Again, with a simple shift to a crisp, clean middle part offers a sophisticated elegance that accents the season’s understated jeans-and-heels fashion sense. Add in those subtle, crimped waves for texture and interest.

Livi   Accessories

Model Livi also works as a stylist at Chris Lane salon, and specializes in a beautiful "lived-in" caramel swirl balayage that is so on trend for fall. Livi’s styles also highlight how easily different hair trends can be incorporated. By pulling her chocolate-brown locks into a low ponytail and leaving chunky tendril bangs out, another on-trend fall look is born. 

In another look, Livi demonstrates how to use a giant scrunchie to pull the hair into a half-up, half-down ponytail, perfectly pairing with fall’s cozy, yet put-together vibe. Note the tiny baby braids tucked unassumingly in! These will be everywhere this fall, little touches that add interest to a look.

Here, Livi’s look really hones in on the accessories popularized this fall. With her hair parted to the extreme side, Livi adds in one of fall’s favorite pieces: large statement barrettes that bring attention to her loose curls. When paired with another fall style, side-swept bangs, Livi is ready to greet the cool weather head on.

Another fall accessory is easily created simply by taking Emily's part from the middle to the deep side, and then pulling her glossy hair into a low ponytail, another elegant fashion fall. By adding a bold ribbon to the simple pony, Emily stays on trend with fall’s comfortable elegance with accented ponytails taking centerstage.

Meghan also exhibits the season’s hunger for eye-catching accessories with a velvet blue headband. She pairs this with another major fall trend: long tendrils left out of a pulled back ponytail, accenting and framing the face.

Lindsey  Men's Cuts

For men, a look that will persist into fall includes long, luscious curls. Perms are back in a big way, as more natural, lived-in, wavy-hair looks take hold. This is perfectly demonstrated by model Riese. He had his long, undercut haircut permed by stylist Lindsey Midgett, who specializes in today’s trendy permed styles. This cut and perm provides Riese’s hair with on-point texture and dimension, while also giving him a minimal-fuss style that is easy to maintain. Messy layers paired with curls allow men to have the “I woke up like this” look women are enjoying this season.

Men with little preparation time but desire to be stylish this fall, rejoice! Model Jared has your answer: he had his hair buzzed completely, a clean look for men this fall who desire to be simultaneously on-trend without the maintenance of daily styling. As with women’s styles, men will be seeing a trend towards easygoing yet put-together looks.

This fall brings bold cuts with rich color that never fails to impress

  • This fall brings bold cuts with rich color that never fails to impress

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