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Gaisburger Marsch:  Simmering is the secret ingredient

Kurt's Euro Bistro


Tommy Roberts, Assistant General Manager

Fall ushers in cooler temperatures and inadvertently healthier appetites. This creates a whole new opportunity to produce recipes that otherwise might be deemed too heavy or rich during warmer days. A family favorite, and one that I love to share with our customers, is Gaisburger Marsch. A filling soup that satisfies all of one’s needs in one final dish, incorporating a hearty beef broth with spätzle, potatoes, and hearty beef morsels together in a traditional one-pot delight. 

It may seem to be a simple dish, but getting the broth correct is key and can be a labor of love to get it just right. Growing up, I remember the pot on the stove, left to simmer over night, that created this amazing bouillon that is the base of this entire dish. I was always a little concerned that the stove was left on all night while we slept, but also learned the importance of this dish to the family. It symbolized Southern German pride and that was demonstrated by the amount of time and care it took to prepare everything to make it just right.

As an adult, whenever I try to recreate the dish, there is a sense of pride when it is celebrated and, I'm not going to lie, a sense of self-loathing if it does not pass the final inspection by Kurt himself. Usually, it can be tweaked to get it just right, but there is a sense of self-accomplishment if it's approved on the first try.

The final reward is the explosion of flavors that recreates memories of my childhood, and obviously does the same for my parents who cherish this dish as a symbol of heritage and a reminder of how simple ingredients can create a kaleidoscope of emotions with each bite.

Warmth Delivered: Fish in a clay pot

Le MeKong

10900 Medlock Bridge Rd #105, Johns Creek


Le MeKong is proud to feature our signature dish that comes from our hometown, Mekong Delta in the South of Vietnam. Both my husband and I grew up there and the flavors and smell of fresh ginger in this dish remind me of the food my mom cooked for us as kids growing up. 

This unique dish is made of freshwater fish (any that is in season) slow cooked with fish sauce, sliced shallot, mashed ginger, and peppercorn. We also add sugar to caramelize and add the color to the dish. This special dish can be paired with soup or steamed vegetables to make a good family meal. We normally eat this fish clay pot with white rice. It makes a wonderful warm meal on a fall or winter night. 

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