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Styled for Missoulians

One Eleven takes the personal route in their retail business

One Eleven's story began in 2010 when Paige Livingston decided to buy the shop, which she managed at the time. When the business came up for sale, she asked her mom, “Would you buy me a job?” Alison replied, “Would you buy me one, too?” Thus, the mother-daughter team of Alison and Paige went to work updating the space with their fresh, new vision of a jewelry, clothing, and gift boutique.

At One Eleven, it’s easy to see why shoppers become customers and customers become friends. Paige and Alison’s relaxed demeanor makes shopping a pleasant respite. “We meet such nice people. We can sit down and jaw forever. Even travelers from out-of-state pop in each summer to catch up,” said Alison.

The furniture has a role to play, as well. Longtime Missoulians may recognize the bodacious loveseat with its skirt of black fringe. Then, there’s The Chair—a simple, dining-room style design upholstered in the fuzzy comfort of turmeric velvet. Since taking up a spot near the checkout area, the chair has become like a third member of the staff and rarely sits empty. “We have become friends with many people while they sat in that chair,” said Alison. For Paige, it symbolizes the individual attention so important to their success. "Personal interaction is a huge deal," she said. "We want to create not just a fun and beautiful place, but a welcoming space as well.”

With a classy-yet-unpretentious flare, One Eleven feels like an extension of Missoula's diverse community. The wide selection of merchandise accommodates a variety of tastes; from posh clothing ensembles to eye-catching jewelry to cozy candles and cushions. Paige credits their customers for the ongoing array of interesting items. “Our customers are the ones who shape the inventory. We buy for them and the store is full of what they love,” said Paige. One item they always keep in stock is their “sparkles.” These earrings and necklaces are bejeweled with Austrian crystals from Berlin and shine in a rainbow of colors, attracting adults and kids alike. “I remember this one time,” said Alison. “A young girl popped in. She was all rough and tumble in her soccer get up, knee pads and all, but she was rockin’ her sparkles!" Paige said. “It's so funny. We can move that display somewhere else and, no matter where it is, customers still gravitate towards the sparkles right away." Another popular draw are bracelets and earrings by local silversmith Jessica Mahoney of Oro y Plata Metalworks. “She has quite a following. Her stuff sells out right away. We have to be quick to keep it in stock,” Alison said. In addition to jewelry, One Eleven stocks pillows and rugs from Chandler 4 Corners. Made in the USA with hooked wool covers, they come in fun designs from cozy cabin to garden whimsy. Customers have become such big fans of the brand that One Eleven is now one of the company's top retailers. “Every time we get a new shipment in, we blow through them,” said Alison. Then, there's a large selection of gifts throughout the shop. "People are always looking for something to gift," said Paige. "Our birthstone rings are really popular with moms. They make great gifts and I love them because I believe moms should be celebrated more,” she said. Other gift items include rings and necklaces stamped with a flower of the month and jars full of sugar scrubs that are wrapped like candies.

Whether shopping for a gift or treating yourself to a fun shopping trip, there's a treasure trove at 111 N Higgins. Paige and Alison are ready to help you find that perfect something. For Alison, success means one simple thing: "When shoppers come in hoping to find something and we have it, we know we’ve done our job."


Local as they come

Paige and Alison Livingston share strong ties to Missoula. Paige graduated from Sentinel High School. Alison retired several years ago from her job in the library at Big Sky High School. For this mother-daughter duo, owning a business has been a lifelong dream. "There are many entrepreneurs in our family. It’s something we grew up with,” explained Alison. Her favorite thing about owning One Eleven is the opportunity to pamper a customer. “I love it when a woman comes in looking for a dress and maybe she hasn’t bought a dress in years but she needs one for a wedding or graduation. I like to make it an easy, casual time. We’re pulling sizes together and she's trying on all sorts of styles. Then, something clicks. She finds that piece she loves and walks out feeling pretty.”

With a keen eye for merchandising, Paige strives to bring in unexpected items that stand out. “Most buying shows are filled with the same kinds of things year after year. It can be difficult to find something new. When I do find an original concept, though, a light bulb goes off. We'll bring that special item into the shop—one we know that our customers want—and it’s really exciting.”

Watch for a trunk show this September for a chance to shop the latest that Paige and Alison have uncovered on their summer shopping trips.

"Personal interaction is a huge deal. We want to create not just a fun and beautiful place, but a welcoming space as well.” - Paige Livingston