One Happy (Island) Family

Find out why Aruba is a great spot for a family vacation.

The Caribbean has some clear associations. Upon hearing the word, your mind is likely to conjure up certain images - sparkling ocean water, white sandy beaches, tropical cocktails, and…probably pirates (thanks Disney). So while you’re likely to think ‘vacation,’ it’s considerably less likely to think ‘family vacation.’ 

And for many of the islands that make up the Caribbean, there might be a good reason for that. However, Aruba is, judging by every available measure, one of the best places to take your kids. 

When choosing a destination for a family vacation, safety is often the first consideration. Compared to other Caribbean destinations, Aruba enjoys a very low crime rate and has a reputation as one of the safest islands in the region. Additionally, Aruba lies outside the Caribbean hurricane belt, which makes it a safe and ideal travel destination in the summer (or any time of year, really). With no threat of inclement weather, you’re free to enjoy all the outdoor activities the island has to offer. Food and drinking standards are also similar to the United States, to put anxious minds (and sensitive stomachs) at ease.

Another consideration for a family vacation is the type of accommodations available. Luckily, there are a multitude of great family-friendly options to choose from in Aruba. The Renaissance Aruba is a standout, as an all-inclusive resort with both a family property and an adults-only property. The family property serves beach parties at their multiple beach-front pools (with a swim-up bar), while the adults-only property offers a view of the marina, a rooftop pool, and a live DJ. The Renaissance is also close to the airport and offers a free shuttle service. 

All of this would be meaningless, however, if there weren’t plenty of activities to satisfy the wide and varied tastes of the whole family. Fortunately, there really is something for everyone. 

Snorkelers of all levels will rejoice, as there are plenty of things to feast your eyes on in the beautiful blue waters of Aruba. Kids can see friendly sea turtles in the shallower regions, while the more adventurous of the group can go a little deeper and explore the famous coral reefs and various shipwrecks. For those a little less keen on swimming, submarines are also available to provide the same views with less physical demand. 

To explore the land, there are ATV tours available where you can take in nearly the entire island while simultaneously learning about the history of Aruba. And back at the beach, there are plenty of unique ways to have fun in the water. Inner tubing on the back of a speedboat is one, particularly popular and thrilling pastime. 

Additionally, the Renaissance is attached to a shopping area that includes both local and high-end (e.g., Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc.) stores. There’s also a beach-front casino (the only one in Aruba) and massages on the beach. There are beach barbecues hosted by the hotel, replete with an all-you-can-eat buffet and live entertainment.

You might be surprised to learn that there were once gold miners in Aruba. To this day, there is still gold to be found, though they have outlawed people from mining for it. Perhaps the ‘gold’ left to be mined is in the memories you can create with your family in this beautiful country. It’s known as ‘one happy island,’ and it lives up to its slogan in every way. With its bevy of picturesque beaches and outdoor adventures to be enjoyed, this travel destination is sure to make one happy family as well. 

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