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One More Word

In Appreciation

PPE, Purell, social distancing, and toilet paper are a few examples of the strange vocabulary we batted around throughout 2020. This challenging year has demanded creativity, patience, strength, and diligence. It’s been excruciating for some, barely manageable for others, and nothing short of a huge annoyance for all. We can all agree that there is great anticipation for the day that COVID becomes just a bad memory.

On behalf of the staff at Northwest Bergen Lifestyle magazine, I would like to add another vocabulary word for the year: Appreciation.

We appreciate our advertisers who hung in there with us through challenging times to continue allowing us to deliver the magazine to over 11,000 homes in northwest Bergen.

We appreciate the pivoting of our advertising and marketing staff who have found ways to add meaningful digital and social media components for our loyal sponsors, adding value to their relationship with us, and keeping them visible and marketable throughout the pandemic.

We appreciate the amazing people, interesting places, and resilient students that we had the privilege of meeting and featuring over the past year.

And…a special thanks to our readers, who have been so generous with positive feedback and who make the effort of producing an engaging and relevant monthly publication so worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours!

The Team at Northwest Bergen Lifestyle Magazine