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One Small Positive Thought Can Change your Whole Day

Advise on How to Stay Positive and Create a Happy Space

Tommie Kuykendall, is the owner of Creativity Warehouse and believes in not only creating a space for the creative minds, but also staying positive. We asked her to provide some insight in how she does this daily and how it helps her to continue her success in business and in life.

What advice would you give someone about how to have a positive attitude and approach?

I know that people say this all the time, but it is true “don’t sweat the small stuff.” I learned from my mother, while she was going through cancer treatment, that you can still have a positive attitude even in great sadness and stress. I know that she was doing it for us, but she did tell me towards the end that being positive for us helped her through the bad times. Sometimes you just don’t have control over what life throws at you so approaching it with a positive attitude can go a long way. So, when asking how to have a positive attitude you just must do it there is no secret to how, just do.

What advice would you give to someone that is wanting to create a happy space?

This one is very much related to the answer above because if the people in the space are happy the space will be happy. Now to make it feel happy before you interact with someone is to make sure your space looks well taken care of. Also, I always feel color makes a space feel happier along with fun items for people to look at. In our space we place items that have been completed by others so that customers can see all the options they have to create their own. I always work hard to make sure people feel at ease because many of them are trying out ceramics and pottery for the first time. Happy people can make most spaces happy.

  • Tommie Kuykendall teaching a class
  • Tommie Kuykendall, Owner of Creativity Warehouse