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One-Stop Organic Shop

Discover Liberty Farm Market

Follow a quaint gravel driveway to Liberty Farm Market, a one-stop shop for all things fresh and organic. Three family-owned businesses merge under the roof of a converted barn to make safe foods and products available to locals. This charming market may be the area’s best-kept secret.

Liberty Farm Market is on the Grassland Graze farm, 120 acres nestled between Liberty Township neighborhoods along Princeton Road. Run by Kip and Jen Kummerle, the farm has been in Kip’s family since the 1970s. Their grass-fed cattle aren’t plumped with unnatural hormones, so it takes extra time and effort to yield a safe, nutrient-rich meat. It was a natural step to fill the barn with other healthy fare: organic produce, eggs, natural healing products and more.

“Finding the right people to partner with is key. We are on the same mission: nutritious, healthier, cleaner food, so you don’t have to think so hard when you shop,” Kip says.

Barb and Steve Willis of Just Farmin’ first began gardening in their West Chester backyard when their son’s health required organic foods. They joined Liberty Farm Market in October 2017. Barb encourages customers to ask questions.

“When it has to do with your life and your family, you need to ask about what you are putting on your table.”

Liberty Farm Market offers Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), the only of its kind in our townships. Members invest in the farm with an advance payment, then share in the harvest. They enjoy the community of like-minded people almost as much as the fresh foods. Weekly pick-ups feel like parties, with members sharing recipes, ideas and laughter.

“You know who you are getting your food from here. You know where your meat is coming from,” Steve says. “I can make sure my kids and my grandkids—and anybody else’s kids around here—can get safe food.”

One section of the market is reserved for natural remedies and products: vitamins, herbs, essential oils, healing teas, crystals and more. Under the ownership of Christina Begley, Sandy’s Health and Wellness relocated at Liberty Farm Market in May.

“It is usually some sort of struggle that leads you to this path,” Begley notes. “People can look up any human ailment and find a natural, alternative treatment here. Nature has everything that we need.”

Liberty Farm Market is a peek into the farming roots of our developing area, stirring local residents to reconnect with their food and lead healthy lives. Stop by Liberty Farm Market to fill a reusable bag and your family with something fresh and local. The goods and people you’ll find at this unique market are equally wholesome.

Liberty Farm Market

Open Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

5850 Princeton Road, Liberty Township