One-Woman Woodworking:

Modern, Minimalist and Mountain Vibes in Julie Arndt’s Unique Art Pieces

A Colorado native, Julie Arndt has been drawn to creative pursuits all her life. While becoming a professional artist often seemed a lofty dream to her growing up, it was in following the advice of learning to create without fear of judgment or failure that she turned that lifelong passion into a reality.

“I’ve always identified as an artist,” says Julie. “Creating and designing have always been at the forefront of my life, and I was advised that, if I made what I love, then the right people would respond. So one day I decided to go for it.”

With a background in printmaking, interior design and consistent dabbling in various other mediums, Julie found that woodworking was the pursuit that truly called to her. Completely self-taught, Julie sees each woodworking project as a big puzzle, favoring to visualize the end result in her mind rather than through sketches and seeing what happens as she brings the pieces together. 

“I love building something from nothing,” says Julie. “With woodworking, I get to use my hands and build all day. Wood can be so easily manipulated—you can start with one thing and end up with something entirely different depending on how you treat it.”

Partial to working with pine with its native abundance in Colorado, Julie takes inspiration from her Colorado home’s immaculate outdoors and natural resources, often also using natural indigo to dye elements of her pieces. A self-proclaimed mountain girl through and through, her style is a blend of her passion for western culture and design—with its dusty desert tones and ample blue skies—and her focus on simple yet impactful aesthetics. Leaning on symmetry, rhythm and contrast in her style, her pieces often mix light and dark to give them eye-catching movement and interest.

This style rooted in nature and defined by modernity speaks to Julie’s interior design style as well. Often incorporating ample natural texture, plants and wood into her designs, Julie works with her JA Design clients to create truly unique pieces made specifically for the project and the individual.

As she continues her pursuit of creative inspiration, Julie looks forward to seeing how her art translates to her other areas of interest, including photography and the greater Denver area’s vibrant food scene. From making her own cutting boards to experimenting with new recipes, as Julie would say, she’s always on the hunt for that next inspiring moment.


Home staged by Guest House & listed by the Dalbey Group, Compass

Welcome to the elegant 460 Adams, Cherry Creek's newest single-family residence. Every aspect regarding this exquisite home has been meticulously crafted and is full of locally sourced art & goods to create one of the most unique and quality homes in the area. Shop the home & everything inside - contact hello@guesthouseshop for more info.

- Listed by The Dalbey Group (

- 5bd/ 6 bath listed for $3.15mil


Shop the home at

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