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Ooh La La

Cool Treats at Le Macaron French Pastries are a European Vacation for the Senses

Add a little ooh la la to summer with a cool treat from Le Macaron French Pastries. A stop at the colorful and tempting display cases at the local patisserie at Liberty Center is a yummy European vacation for the senses. Named after France’s most popular sweet, Le Macaron offers an array of refreshing desserts that are a delicious respite from the July heat: macarons, gelatos and sorbets in a rainbow of flavors and delightful combinations.  

Gelato + Sorbet 

Wow your taste buds with Le Macaron’s mouthwatering selection of gelatos and sorbets. Ice cream’s sophisticated European cousin, gelato is a rich and creamy, yet light treat made with milk. Refreshing sorbets are all natural, packed with fruit. Both come in your choice of waffle cone: classic vanilla, chocolate, gingerbread or local favorite, birthday cake. Swing in for a scoop (or two!) so you don’t miss a chance to sample each unique flavor. 

Macaron Glacé

A Macaron Glacé is the ultimate cookie ice cream sandwich, Le Macaron’s summery twist on the French bakery’s signature treat, the macaron. With two crunchy and chewy macaron shells stuffed with cold and creamy gelato, the macaron glacé is a pleasing mix of textures and tastes. Discover your favorites from the endless possibilities of flavor combos: mint with white chocolate, rose with vanilla or orange Grand Marnier with chocolate, just to name a few. 

Gelato Pops

The toughest decision you make this summer may be from Le Macaron’s selection of all natural, handcrafted gelato pops, frozen desserts on a stick. Go low-calorie with a yogurt and fruit blend, classic Euro with dulce de leche or whimsical with a cat-shaped berry pop. These light and creamy Gelatys brand treats come in a flavor and shape for everyone, including vegan-friendly options. 

Le Macaron French Pastries

at Liberty Center

7529 Bales Street, Liberty Township


  • Bubble gum gelato topped with a scoop of raspberry sorbet
  • Mint Macaron Glacé with white chocolate gelato filling
  • Chocolate Light Gelato Pop with only 90 calories