Optimize your Workout Routine this Year

Experience a New Way to get a Full Body Workout in Less than 22 Minutes

Intense 22 Fitness exists due to one man’s desire to bring science-based fitness training to Austin.

Using the most efficient exercise protocol science has to offer, you can achieve phenomenal results in just two 22-minute workouts per week. Intense 22 Fitness is a scientifically designed exercise facility that will help you realize incredible results with super slow strength training.

They believe that the core to achieving success in fitness is strength training, which is the heart of their program.  They provide leadership through one-on-one training. Each client is uniquely trained to meet their individual goals and they strive to accommodate all needs, no matter the age or current conditioning.

All of their sessions are one-on-one with a personal trainer. The new routine that they are rolling out involves our SuperSlow 22-minute workout and also incorporates a neuromuscular reeducation electrical stimulation machine called Morpho that helps establish a connection between the mind and muscle which allows for better contraction of muscle fibers and therefore a better workout.

All of their workouts are efficient and include a full-body workout that is completed in less than 30 minutes. The gym is kept at 62 degrees which reduces sweat and allows clients to complete an intense workout - even if they are not in "workout" clothes - and walk back out still ready to take on the rest of their day. White-collar workers can walk in straight from the office and get a full-body workout in on their lunch break and head back to the office without a need to change or shower.

Intense 22 Fitness has been open in its current location since 2011; founded by Tim Phillips, local Westlake resident, and managed by Josh Mohler.  They also offer a full-body electric cryotherapy chamber to decrease recovery time after workouts and have just implemented a rehab system that involves the Morpho and can help people recover from all kinds of injuries.

They can also be found and scheduled through MindBody and a trial session is always complimentary. Check out their website or meet with one of their friendly trainers to learn more about how fitness can work for you!

Intense 22 Fitness

3600 North Capital of Texas Hwy

Suite A-210

Austin, Texas 78746


Intense 22 Fitness has your goals in mind and is structured to fit an active and busy lifestyle. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and commit to providing a unique experience for every client.

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