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Oral Health Care Tips for Both your Kids and Pets

The Importance of Dental Health

One of the most important aspects of our health is our dental health, which is often overlooked in our children and pets.  Ensuring your child’s and pet’s dental health is in good condition means being proactive. 

Having a regular check up with your family’s dentist will ensure that your child’s dental health is on track.  Children should be seen every six months for a cleaning, fluoride treatment if desired, and an exam with your family dentist starting as early as the age of 3.  Dentists recommend once per year for x-rays to catch anything that might not be visible during a routine exam. 

In the event that your child does need dental work done, it’s important to schedule the treatment soon after the diagnosis has been made by your dentist to ensure the dental health of your child does not become too troublesome.  In some cases the dentist might recommend having your child seen by a pediatric dentist, one you specialize in dentistry with children, for their treatment.  A pediatric dentist and his staff only treats children and are very versed in handling concerns with children that are apprehensive in their visits with the dentist.  

Our friends at Four Seasons Vet Specialists also recommend regular cleanings by your veterinarian which will inturn help your pet live a long healthy life. In the event that your pet is in need of dental treatment Four Seasons Vet Specialists has a very knowledgeable and experienced doctor on staff,  Dr. Redmen.  Since our furry friend can't always tell us when something is wrong here are a couple common aliments, bad breath, difficulty eating or chewing, broken or loose tooth,  red swollen or bleeding gums or tartar on teeth.

Common dental health concerns for both your kids and pets

Pain with eating or chewing


Red swollen or bleeding gums

Trauma to the head that has caused a loose tooth