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Orangetheory Fitness Provides Support, Motivation for Success

This time of year, many people set New Year’s Resolutions in hopes of becoming healthier, more productive or more connected to others in the coming year.  While research shows that while most resolutions may fail by February, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for all goals—and Coach Laura Finley with Moore’s Orangetheory Fitness has a secret to help you reach your fitness goals.

OTF is a science-based workout that uses technology to measure performance, producing the most impactful workout possible in just one hour. Twelve minutes in the Orange Zone raises your heart rate and burns more calories for up to 24 hours after your workout. The unique combination of science, coaching and technology combine to maximize metabolism and calories burned, and helps members get the best results. 

OTF isn’t just geared toward fitness-minded individuals who already feel comfortable in a gym environment. They strive to create a fitness community for people of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels, and provide personalized coaching to help each member grow at their own pace. Creating this welcoming, supportive environment can make the difference in helping members achieve their New Year’s resolutions, and OTF coaches help develop a strong community of supporters at the same time.

“One of the things that makes Moore’s OTF so special is the atmosphere of camaraderie that develops,” Coach Laura says. “All the coaches remind the members to lean on each other and draw motivation from each other. We focus on understanding each member’s personal reason for being there. Many members choose the same classes every day, so they have an opportunity to see each other each time.”

Coach Laura acknowledges that finding and sustaining motivation is a key factor in meeting fitness goals. To help their members be successful, each trained and certified OTF coach provides the necessary encouragement to help their members keep going for the full 60-minute workout.   

“Finding motivation to work out can be extremely difficult,” she recognizes. “When something becomes a habit, one doesn’t have to worry about being motivated. It’s just something you just automatically do, like brushing your teeth. It’s easier to create that habit when you have other people counting on you and when you look forward to visiting with them and hearing about their journey, too. Motivation and having a supportive community are definitely intertwined.”

The OTF community recognizes when members achieve personal best records on benchmark workouts, as well as celebrating birthdays, births, graduations and more. Moore OTF members participate in outside events together, and enjoy celebrating important personal milestones together. 

“We celebrate members’ achievements and life events big time!” Coach Laura adds. “We remember people’s concerns and needs, and we support our members through their ups and downs.”

This community-based approach has allowed OTF Moore to make an impact in the community, and ultimately grow into one of the most successful OTF locations in the country. 

“We get a lot of positive feedback from members who come here. We know that the energy and positivity is something special that our studio possesses,” she adds. “Being one of the most successful OTF locations means so much to us. We are all about changing lives, so our success means that we are having a real impact on real people, and that’s what matters most.” 

If you are looking to start a new fitness journey in 2023, Coach Laura invites you to give OTF a try and become part of a larger community of people working together to be their best selves. 

“It’s difficult to start a new habit, and we all set new goals in January,” she concludes. “When you come here, it will not just be a place where you show up and slog through a workout. We will also be your new cheerleading squad, your own personal trainer, and you’ll find new friends rooting you on and celebrating your successes.”

Orangetheory Fitness-Moore is located at 825 SW 19th St. #6 in Moore. For more information, call 405.703.5259.

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