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Alicia Allen was in her early 50s when she had an epiphany. Realizing that she had spent more than half of adulthood raising kids and taking care of a house, she decided that it was finally time to take care of herself.

“I had been working from home and, honestly, I needed to get out of the house,” she confides. “I knew I needed to get back into exercising, and I wasn't being consistent at home.”

The mother of three looked at nearby gyms and workout programs, hoping to find a place that would be a good fit for her.

“I wanted something that would challenge me,” she explains. “Orangetheory Fitness seemed like it would be that very challenge.”

For Josh McCutchen, it only took one trip into Orangetheory Fitness for him to realize that he wanted to be the poster child for the program.

“I've always been fairly active, and I’ve played sports my whole life, but I’ve always been a larger person,” he explains. “I was right at the 400-pound mark, and I knew it was not the quality of life that I wanted.”

His job as an associate pastor at Victory Family Church in Newcastle involves lots of desk work, and his busy family life as a father of four left very little time for exercise.

“For me, working out every day has never been a priority,” Josh reflects. “I knew I wasn’t physically where I needed to be.”

Josh walked into the OTF Moore location one day to see what he could learn about the program. His first visit took him deeper than many fitness programs, examining his personal goals and exploring why he wanted to make a positive change.

“I wanted to improve both my longevity and quality of life,” he explains. “I want to be there for my kids and grandkids.”

Josh took his first class in February 2020 and has attended nearly 400 classes since that initial visit.

“I found something totally different than what I expected. There are people of all sizes, ages, races, and each person is doing the best for them in their own specific way,” he adds. “Coach Wendy was the first staff member I connected with, and she told me that I didn’t get to where I was in one day, so I wasn’t going to get healthy in one day, either. I stuck with it and began to see weight loss and increase in strength.”

Studio manager Wendy Gray feels that nothing can compare to seeing so many people determined to transform their lives.

“OTF helps change people’s lives from the inside out. Our OTbeat system helps track their heart rate during the workout and they can see real-time results,” Wendy says. “Not only do the members get the best workout in the country, but they also get the support they need to tackle life’s battles and to keep pushing them to be their best.”

OTF is a science-based workout that uses technology to measure performance, producing the most impactful workout possible in just one hour. Twelve minutes in the Orange Zone raises your heart rate and burns more calories for up to 24 hours. The unique combination of science, coaching and technology combine to maximize metabolism and calories burned, and helps clients get the best results.

Josh has lost over 100 pounds since he joined OTF, and his workout routine is now an important part of his life.

“Starting off my day with OTF, it motivates me to make good choices,” he says. “It’s a motivator to keep that mindset and stay strong.”

Alicia had a similar experience as soon as she joined OTF. She has been attending classes at the OTF studio for just over six months and has lost 22 pounds.

“Even if you're in good health, committing to a fitness routine only helps us get better, in our physical health, mental health and in our day-to-day life. We're never too old to make that commitment to ourselves,” Alicia adds. “To the parents out there, putting your health as a priority is hard. Stuff always gets in the way, but keep fighting for yourself. Everyone in your family benefits from you spending an hour a few times a week to take care of yourself.”

“The coaches are there to help you meet your goal and push you in your own specific way,” Josh adds. “It’s not just working out. The coaches are on the journey with you, and they are talking about nutrition, your life, your struggles and providing the help that you need. It can be a tool that can be a total life changer for you.”

“OTF is the perfect regimen for anyone who is looking for something to get active, to find a community, to reach a personal goal, or maybe just to clear the mind,” Coach Aspen Neely says. “Whether you are a professional athlete or have never seen a gym in your life, I’ll lead the way to being the best version of you.”

Reflecting on her time with OTF, Alicia says the program has helped her overcome obstacles and learn more about herself.

“Sometimes you need to conquer something unexpected to realize you can conquer other things in life,” she concludes. “I realize now that I'm capable of more than I ever thought I was.”

Orangetheory Fitness-Moore

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