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Organization, Dream Closets and Man Caves, oh my!

Nataliya Bryksa of Closet Factory, explains how a properly designed space can give you time back in your day!

I've never been a math person. In fact, geometry specifically was the bane of my high school career. However, if someone would have explained to me that with a little more studying, geometry could contribute to having the closet of my dreams? Then I would’ve paid a bit more attention. But here I am. Without the closet of my dreams and admittedly in a profession where I haven’t used geometry since the final I took in Mr. Ritchie’s class.

If you’re like me, prone to avoiding any DIY for fear of a true Pinterest flop, look no further than Closet Factory of CTThey are pros at creating enviable custom storage and design solutions in your home.

I spoke with the owner, Nataliya Bryksa, about closets and storage and how best to build a dream space.

And there are a myriad of things to consider when customizing your dream closet to what you love to wear, not limited to:

  • Are you a shoe lover who’s running out of space for those new pumps? Shoe shelving helps you easily spot and grab the pair you want.
  • Lots of scarves and handbags? Get a bunch of drawers to store them neatly. Consider built-ins that don’t encroach upon precious closet real estate.
  • You’re the type who utilizes the floor as storage space or have a large collection of jewelry? Consider built-in drawers with dividers to keep items in a safer, more organized fashion. 
  • Creating an ultra-feminine space for your wardrobe? No need to worry about the man in your life. They can outfit his closet in darker, sleeker, more masculine wood and design. The perfect compromise for his and hers.

Although he may be more into cars than clothes. Yes, garages are to men what closets are to women. Nataliya explains, “Garages are the ‘for now’ place. Things pile up in the winter and garages are a big focus for spring cleaning.” So Closet Factory tackles these as well.

Because designing garages can be tricky. Stuff like cars, bikes, and automatic garage doors make your usable space much smaller than you might think. You may want traditional garage storage solutions - work benches and wall organizers - or maybe you want something more exciting. You can transform your garage into souped-up man caves, personal gyms, and even a personalized home bar. Cheers to that!

Aside from closets and garages the team also handles offices, laundry rooms, pantries, entertainment centers and beyond! The team works with all types of spaces in all budgets.

When a custom space is created and organized properly, Nataliya’s clients get time back in their day and are truly happier. No one enjoys the frustration that brews when you can’t find something you desperately need. “When you can’t see your items, you don’t know what you have. To be able to see what you have in your pantry or closet literally gives you time back into your day instead of wasting time looking through packed or overcrowded spaces” says Nataliya. And who doesn’t want time back in our day?

110 Post Road, Darien

  • Nataliya with husband, Nazar, in one of their designed spaces