Organize, Maximize space, and invite a peaceful Mind

Who does not wish to have a perfectly organized home? Most of us really love the idea of being greeted by an organized space. As daunting as it may be to go through the process of organization, the best thing you can do is simply begin.

Like with any process, there are steps to follow. Before you jump on this adventure make sure you select the area which you will be tackling and allow yourself the time it will require.

Now that the space has been chosen, start with decluttering- the rule to follow is if it has not been used for one year, get rid of it. Do not overthink this part or underestimate the power of desiring to keep it. One year of no use, let it go.

Next step is to find a low-maintenance system that provides long-term functionality. Let’s just say you have decided to tackle the pantry as previously, the one spice you have needed became elusive on the day you craved making that special recipe. To keep yourself organized, you can incorporate a spice rack in your kitchen design. As simple as it may sound, this is a long-term solution with very little upkeep. Moving onto the next phase, label and find a home for all items. For most areas, you will want to arrange things according to how frequently they are used. In order to reap the benefits of your hard work, you must ensure you are consistent with putting things back in their place after each use. Your mind will thank you for being organized and inviting peace into your space.

About the guest contributor-

Sonia Wojcicki works with many incredible designers, architects and homeowners where she helps bring projects to fruition by translating visions into results. 

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