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Pea Organizing Services:

Helping Clients Get and Remain 'Organized for Life'

Fiorella Sabato moved to the United States with her family, 21 years ago. She considered a career change and thought about studying speech pathology, but her plans changed when she was introduced to the world of professional organizing.  She read many books, and attended classes and courses in the field of professional organizing and in 2006 she joined the team of professional organizers at Pea Organizing Services.

Three short years later, Fiorella was approached by the founder of the business, who recognized her enthusiasm and passion for the business and encouraged her to take over the full-service professional organizing and consulting firm,  as her personality was a wonderful fit for assisting residential and commercial clients in developing and implementing custom solutions for decluttering and reintroducing order to their lives.

An Epiphany in South Africa

Fiorella credits the stress of having to reevaluate her priorities and downsize what she could realistically ship halfway across the world from her native South Africa, as being a large contributing factor in her determination to help others face similar situations of downsizing, decluttering and finding the simplicity and calm in living in an organized environment. She explains that the difficulty she encountered when editing her own belongings caused her to “experience a 180-degree turn around” that made her realize the necessity of organization if you are to live your best life.

After nearly 20 years as a professional organizer, Fiorella still derives immense satisfaction from her work. She frequently receives calls from people who share a feeling of being “completely stuck”— too overwhelmed to “know where to begin.” As Fiorella notes, “The reason I still enjoy doing what I’m doing is the sense of relief I see my clients experience once their homes are organized.”

The pressures of family and career today often leave people in a state of frustration, struggling to find sufficient time to complete all they need and want to accomplish. Fiorella observes that after clients allow her to develop coping and organizational strategies, tailored to fit their needs, they “regain family time and are able to enjoy life more fully” as they find their anxiety, depression and fatigue are lessoned once their surroundings are structured for efficiency. 

According to Fiorella, depression and clutter often go hand in hand, as people find it stressful to try to maintain their schedules in a chaotic atmosphere. Fiorella points out that being organized is also financially beneficial as it makes it easy to locate necessary items and helps you avoid duplication.

Teaching Life Skills

Fiorella has always aspired to teach, and she finds that her work as a professional organizer allows her to do just that. As she elaborates,” I haven’t really left the teaching profession because I’m still teaching my clients to organize and manage their homes and lives.”

As more people are spending more time at home due to COVID-19, Fiorella is seeing a surge in clients looking to repurpose the bedrooms of children who’ve left the nest and other under-utilized spaces so they can fully enjoy and maximize their living area.

Learn how Fiorella can help you reclaim and repurpose valuable living and office space to increase your comfort and productivity levels by visiting today!