Organizing for the New Year

Six simple steps for decluttering around the house.

The new year typically brings a strengthened resolve to clean out and clean up around the house, and getting organized is the easiest way to refresh your perspective and your home. While tackling your entire home can sound overwhelming, there are some simple strategies you can employ to streamline your approach. The first step is to declutter, and step two is to keep it that way all year round. Having a clear purpose for each area will help you decide what needs to stay and what can go; once you’ve minimized the ‘stuff’ and maintain a focus on only keeping what is necessary to serve that area’s purpose, keeping that area decluttered becomes much easier. Each room brings its unique challenges, but by breaking down each area methodically, you can efficiently update your home in a matter of days. It feels good to let go. A tidy home is a happy home. Even the most basic areas of your house can become a ‘pain point’ and a source of frustration and stress when they aren’t designed to organize what you own and how you live. Poor design, or no design, leads to visual clutter and a dose of chaos, which leaves you feeling stressed and anxious. So if you’re ready to start 2023 with a clean slate, follow these custom design, storage and organization tips that will help you tackle each area and improve function in your home in the new year!


Garage - Life is an adventure. Finding your stuff shouldn’t be. Vertical hanging is the perfect solution.

Entryway - Clear doorway clutter with a designated space for shoes. Increase entryway storage with convenient hook boards, and take a seat with integrated bench seating.


Pantry - Custom corners maximize every inch of kitchen pantry space. Keep items within reach with pull-out drawers in various sizes and use vertical dividers for thin sheets, pans and platters.

Laundry Room - Say goodbye to piles of clean clothes with a convenient folding counter. Avoid wrinkles and allow clothing to air-dry with out-of-the-way hanging rods.


Home Office - Spacious work areas help you tackle that to-do list with elbow room to spare. Organize important documents in large cabinet file drawers. Keep your printer out of sight yet easily accessible with a printer drawer.

Entertainment - Watch your favorite shows on a distinctly modern, wall-mounted TV. Keep those often played games accessible and organized in custom storage and tame cords with hidden outlets designed within your entertainment center.

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