Ornament Clusters


22 gauge wire

Ornaments of at least 3 varying shades and sizes

Wire snips

Step 1: Cut desired length of wire for a cluster, about 24"

Step 2: Add an ornament about 4" from one end of the wire and twist the wire around the top of the ornament to provide a base for your cluster. Twist about 5 times. You should still have about 4" of wire at the end; you will need it to tie onto your garland, tree, or wreath.

Step 3: Continue adding ornaments to the wire, alternating sizes and colors until you have 4-6" of wire remaining. 

Step 4: Twist the remaining wire around the top of your final ornament 5 times to secure all of your ornaments in place. Making sure to leave at least 4" of wire in place at the end in order to tie onto garland, tree, or wreath.

Step 5: Use the ends of the wire to attach to your holiday item of choice!!

Pro tip: Keep your clusters to the 24" length to keep from getting too heavy and/or having ornaments pop off. Ornaments will pop off at times, but they will still look gorgeous and you can always glue the ornament back onto to the top.

Simple, gorgeous, and impactful!

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