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Next up, into the closet to find just the right outfit for a day of meetings, lunch with my publisher, and later, a gallery opening. The closet can be a daunting place, but designer Sara Trapp believes the closet should be fresh, inspiring, roomy and yes, functional. I sat down with Sara, an expert at All About Closets to find out more.

SGC: What trends are you excited about for designing women's closets this spring and summer?

ST: I am loving natural wood tones combined with soft white. Rich wood tones have made a comeback, and white allows your clothing to be the centerpiece of the closet,  allowing smaller spaces feel light and bright. I love the floor-to-ceiling look for closets and it is a must-have in Florida, as we have limited storage space. 

SGC: Yes, true! What are some priorities for a new closet design?

ST:  Drawers in the closet can eliminate the need for a large bulky dresser in your bedroom, giving the room a more open, flowy feel.  Drawers are versatile and can be used for jewelry (we have great suede inserts for this), rolled belts, lingerie, swimwear, and more. Also, a tall framed, full-length mirrored door.  You can hide folded clothing behind the door and get a beautiful, finished look.  We can also build this as a 3-way mirror, still with shelving behind the doors. And the last must-have for a woman’s closet would be valet rods and hooks.  Valet rods are excellent for packing, picking out an outfit for the day, or just dropping your dry-cleaning in the closet there before putting it away on a busy day.  We offer a variety of hooks that coordinate with the closet accessories and are great for everything from a robe to costume jewelry, handbags and more. 

SGC:  Can you give us an example of a custom design option you created for a woman client? 

ST: Honestly, we tailor every closet to each individual’s needs, and pride ourselves on the ability to customize each space to their specific wardrobe.  From custom glass options, painted wood, lighting, and accessories, we can make any closet amazing.  Even the smallest of closets will benefit from a custom built-in by maximizing your storage space from top to bottom. One I love included custom Cotswold Glass, framed mirrored doors, a large island, and a bench to sit and put on your shoes.  It is an absolutely gorgeous closet all around.

We have one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the state of Florida, which gives us the ability to correct an issue almost immediately should a problem arise.  Your closet should be a haven, a place of peace that you enter first thing in the morning to prepare for your day.

Sara Trapp

Sales & Design Manager

All About Closets, Inc.

5606 6th Street W., Lehigh Acres 


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