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Our Guide to Schools in Stamford


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There are many people who would be interested in knowing about Stamford, CT, schools. For example, if you are thinking about moving to the city and have children who will be going to school here, you will obviously want to know about what the schools have to offer.

There are also many different types of schools that you and your children will be able to choose from. There are boarding schools, charter schools, Christian school options, private schools, public schools, summer schools, and more.

There are many fantastic Stamford schools from which you can choose. Connecticut is known for great schools.

The U.S. News & World Report list of best high schools in the country here were eight schools that received gold medals, 24 schools that received silver medals, and eight that received bronze medals. In terms of the percentage of schools that receive successful ratings according to this list, Connecticut actually came in fourth among all of the states.

Private Stamford CT Schools

Private schools, also known as independent schools, are schools that are operated independently, without too much influence from the government.

Parents generally pay for their children to attend private school, as the government is not financing these schools. There are many private schools in Stamford from which you can choose.

One prominent one is King School. King School is one of the best private Stamford schools that you will be able to find; they educate students from grades Pre-K to 12.

Public High Schools in the City

Public schools are operated with government assistance; the government largely finances their operation.

Not everyone can afford private schools, and public schools are there for all of the people who can't. In addition, there are some people who might elect to send their children to public school, so that the children will be exposed to more diversity and a more realistic picture of the world.

There are many excellent public schools in Stamford.

One notable public high school is West Hill High School, which is a part of the Stamford public school system. This is a comprehensive high school that offers students a variety of courses, including ECE, AP, and college preparatory courses.

Local Middle Schools: Fostering Learning from Adolescence

If you have a child that is of middle school age, there are options for you and him or her as well. There's several excellent middle schools, including Dolan Middle School and Scofield Middle School.

When people think of the best school, they are mostly thinking about high schools. However, the earlier stages of school matter just as much.

Middle schools generally offer what the name implies - all of the grades between elementary and high schools in that particular district or setting. Sometimes, this will be grades 6, 7, and 8, but it really does depend on what grade levels are encompassed by the elementary and high schools those same children are expected to attend.

Elementary Schools

Elementary schools are an important part of education as well; generally, these include classes for students that are in the earlier years of schooling, such as kindergarten through grade 4. However, they can also include Pre-K and grade 5 in some cases.

There are plenty of elementary schools in Stamford that are home to many young children from kindergarten through the fourth grade. Springdale Elementary School, Northeast Elementary School are some of them.

Christian Schools: Building Character

There are many Christian schools in Stamford, for those who want their children to have an education that is supported by the Christian religion.

Charter Schools: Great Relationships

Some parents might prefer to send their children to a charter school, which is an independently operated public school that is able to design classrooms that better meet the needs of their students.

This includes Stamford Charter School for Excellence, which is known for the close-knit relationships between students and teachers, rigorous curriculum, individualized instruction, and high expectations of all students.

Strong Options for Summer Schools

In some cases, students want to get ahead in their studies. In others, they may need a little help catching up.

There are summer school options in Stamford for both of these types of students. Both public and private schools in the city will often offer summer classes that students can take, although course selections are more limited than they are during the regular school year.

Boarding Schools

There are many boarding school options among Stamford schools.

Often, boarding schools have students that reside on campus, although there are many boarding schools that are also home to day students (students who live with their parents and come to school every day).

They can either be single-sex or co-ed, and many have trained staff who are capable of managing the special needs of certain groups of students.

School Districts in Stamford

There are many different school districts in Stamford. School districts are usually separated by geography, and they allow the entities at the top to be able to manage a more controlled and realistic number of schools.

They can either be dependent on or independent of the government, and they can either include just schools at one set of grade levels or schools that encompass all grade levels, from Pre-K through grade 12.

Choose Your Educational Environment

As you can see, there are many different options in terms of Stamford, CT, schools, no matter what age your children are or what kind of school you are looking for. You will be able to find an option that provides your children with a great education and meets all of your specifications.