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Photo by: Pixabay Public Domain

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Neighbors to the South

Just an hour down the road, you might be surprised what your neighbors to the South have to offer.

Whether you’re looking for a day on the water, a ride on horseback, or a jaunt through the trees, you can explore a whole other environment just a hop and a jump away.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours
One of the many great natural beauties of the Central Florida region is the tapestry of springs .that feed into the Silver River. The water is so clean and crystal clear, you almost don’t believe it’s real; you can see with perfect clarity everything happening under the surface. The famous glass bottom boat was invented right here, and Silver Springs State Park delights visitors with guided boat tours along the waterways. Explore the tributaries and feeder springs, see manatees (peak season is Nov-April), and a rich variety of fish swimming right under your feet, and examine artifacts from ancient Spanish and First Nations cultures in one of Florida’s most pristine natural settings.

World Equestrian Center
The World Equestrian Center is a new addition to Ocala's landscape, having officially opened its doors in 2021. With its modern, state-of-the-art equestrian center and facilities, it’s fast becoming the go-to ground for trainers, breeders, and riders the world over – but it’s also so much more than that. The giant arena in front of the Equestrian Hotel is the focal point of the resort where
visitors can sit for free and watch practice sessions and workouts. Lining the square are a multitude of luxury and designer stores and shops, and you can relax and have a bite in one of several on-site restaurants. WEC also hosts year-round special events that spectators can come to watch and participate in, too, so check their event calendar for more information!

The Canyons Zipline and Canopy Tours

If you’ve had dreams of flying, this is pretty close to actually doing it! The 1,150ft long line is an immersive, exciting, and breathtaking ride through some of Florida’s most stunning and untouched natural history as it dives across canyons, lakes, rivers, and cliffs. Guided by experienced and conscientious experts, it’s one of the most unusual, but memorable ways of
spending an afternoon.

  • Photo by: Pixabay Public Domain
  • Photo by: Showcase Properties of Central Florida
  • Photo by: Sharib4rd Flickr
  • Photo by: Pexels Melissa Villaran Mam NC
  • Photo by: Pexels Melissa Villaran Mam NC
  • Photo by: Showcase Properties of Central Florida
  • Photo by: Showcase Properties of Central Florida
  • Photo by: Pixabay Public Domain

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