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Wood Is Earth's Versatile Gift

Real Wood Products From Missouri Make Life Better

Mulch. Fencing. Wood flooring. Kitchen cabinets. Furniture. Shelves. Molding. Doors. Millwork. Pallets. Bourbon Barrels. Charcoal. These useful American products power the reason the Show Me state has major bragging rights due to the vast majority of these items originating from Missouri wood.

Missouri’s No. 1 natural resource is trees, and the state is known for producing some of the best logs, lumber and value-added wood products in the country. Missouri mills are leading producers of white oak staves, wooden pallets, charcoal and walnut products across the United States, and Missouri's forests and wood product manufacturers also are internationally known for supplying white oak barrels.

At a time when Missourians have never been more devoted to turning their homes into beautiful sanctuaries, Mike Naeger, Missouri Forest Products Association president, says, "Wood brings an organic appeal and calming element to our surroundings. Wood goes well with any color theme or interior design. You can always count on wooden décor to make homes and offices look and feel solid and enriched."

Wood is the most environmentally friendly material on Earth, Mike says, as the only energy needed to produce it is sunlight. Wood products also store carbon, as they work tirelessly to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. 

Mike outlines a myriad of consumer benefits that result directly from wood. 

Wood Is Healthier

Because wood flooring requires fewer chemicals to make and install, it helps promote healthier living and workplace environments. EPA officials found that hardwood floors improve air quality because they're less likely to harbor dangerous microorganisms, pesticides and allergens, such as dust, mold or pet dander.

Wood Is Sustainable

Wood is a zero waste product. For example, old wood from flooring can be turned into other products or simply bio-degrade. Other flooring types, such as vinyl, are made from plastics or synthetic fibers that take multiple decades to break down and decompose. Recycling companies typically reject old vinyl flooring because it’s not profitable for them; burning as the alternative form of disposal releases harmful phthalate chemicals into the air.

Wood Is Durable

Quality wood flooring can last more than 100 years. Wood floors will stand up to foot traffic and will maintain their color finish with proper maintenance. Wood floors are easy to maintain and can be repaired with relative ease. 

Wood Makes Sense Economically

Many homeowners love the look of hardwood flooring and other features in their home. But they are also concerned about the initial expense of installing wood. Putting wood floors into homes is truly a good investment. Real hardwood floors add to the resale value of houses; the average return on investment is an impressive 70-80%.

Jobs, Economic Boosts From Wood

Brian Brookshire, Missouri Forest Products Association executive director, says the logging and lumber industry employs at least 42,000 Missourians. "The economic impact goes much further when calculating equipment purchases, gas, tires, insurance and banking. In fact, the logging and forest products industry contributes more than $10 billion annually to Missouri’s economy."

Fun Facts About Wood:

  • The world is home to more than 23,000 different kinds of trees.
  • Trees trap 50% of all the sun's energy caught by living organisms. 
  • All wood is biodegradable.
  • Wet wood, unlike dry wood, can conduct electricity.
  • The terms softwood and hardwood describe the leaves, seeds and structure of the trees rather than the type of wood they produce. (Softwoods are not always softer than hardwoods.)
  • The world's blackest wood is ebony, the world's whitest wood is holly.
  • Trees get 90% of their nutrition from the atmosphere and only 10% from soil.

As a beautiful, strong and renewable resource, wood is an extraordinary natural material with endless uses for consumers. 


"If you’re lucky enough to own wood products from Missouri, life is good."

  • Courtesy of KitchenWorks Cabinetry & Design

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