Out with the New, In with the Old

You Can’t Build Charm - But Jamie Taylor Can

If you’re a local or you’ve stuck around Middle TN in the last few years, you’ve seen thousands of newly constructed homes go up in your area. Neighborhoods continue expanding. An older home is knocked down just to be replaced with two tall and skinny homes with modern appeal. Some Tennesseans don’t mind the change, but some miss the charm that the older homes brought to their once-small town. You can’t build charm; Charm appreciates over time, right? Not if you have Jamie Taylor in your corner.

Residential designer, Jamie Taylor, is the solution to restoring the charm that our endearing cities once had. Initially when we hear ‘design’ during the home building process, we think interior design. But the magic that Jamie creates is actually a cohesive collaboration with the builder, architects, interior designers, and owners of a custom home. 

Jamie’s career started working in a design firm in 2002, but when the recession hit in 2008, she took a job working at a local lumber company. That’s where she began learning the less glamorous side of the building process; quickly picking up on the structural needs of a home and the supplies needed to make it all happen - a trait that has set her apart from other residential designers. 

We like to think of Jamie as a residential therapist, because she sorts out every aspect of the home design and building process. She meets with each client to guide them through finding their design style as well as determine how to carefully craft the floor plan to suit her client’s needs. She consults with all potential clients to gain an understanding of what their #homegoals are, reviews budgets, and can even pair you with the builder who is best suited for your project. Jamie’s specialty? Making brand new homes look historical. Her craft of staying true to the architecture of the era in which the new home is based on is unmatched.

“I pride myself in being true to the architectural style. If we’re going to build a farmhouse, I’m going to keep it true to the style. It’s going to look like it was built 100 years ago.”

Jamie has designed many stand-out homes throughout our community as well as created viral home plan The Ross Residence, with one of our current favorites being the Heffington home, pictured here. Jamie collaborated closely with the builder and homeowner to create an old-world feel, with split levels to maintain the integrity of the land the home was built on. 

If you’re wanting to build a custom home, connecting with J. Taylor Designs should be your first step in the process.

To hire J Taylor Designs there is a simple 3 step process! 

1. Meet and Greet!

Meet with the J Taylor Designs team so that you can get to know them and they can get to know you. This is a great opportunity for everyone to connect.

2. Design Consultation

Once you have established your wants and expectations for your living space, the design phase will begin. J Taylor Designs will work in collaboration with you through two primary design phases – floor plans and exterior façade.

3. Start Your Build!

Once all the plans have been put into place, the design team will work closely with the builder to ensure that all the expectations are met.

You can contact Jamie at J Taylor Designs by phone, email, or appointment at the store.

Phone number: 615.617.6466

Email: info@jtaylordesigns.net 

Address: 310 Uptown Square Murfreesboro TN, 37129

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