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Design by Andrea Romeo

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Mixing Old and New

A conversation with Andrea Romeo

 We caught up with Andrea Romeo, Co Owner of Romeo + Baglio Design in Ridgefield to give you some tips on mixing old and new elements to create a sophisticated look in your home in addition to some insights on the latest in landscaping and the thrill of designing Whip Salon!

Jasmine Gannalo, who is a local realtor shines light on a new design trend, Eclectic Grandpa. 

Mixing Old with the New

Mixing old and new elements in interior design creates a gorgeous yet personal aesthetic. Andrea states that 'to create a beautiful mix of vintage and contemporary design, integrate elements from the past or even your own family heirlooms.  It’s a balancing act mixing materials, textures and time periods.'  For example, mix metals with warm woods, and pops of color with neutrals. Start with pieces like vintage accent tables, buffets or dressers and mix them in with your more contemporary furniture.  Give a piece new life with a fun paint color and add in some modern knobs.  If it is a full renovation you are doing, try to keep the original character of the home where possible.  Keep little nooks, windows, interesting molding or builtins when possible.  And lastly, add little moments, vintage frames and decorative accents can add life and interest to a bookshelf or tabletop.'

Be Intentional with Landscaping 

Switching gears to the outside of the home, landscaping and the curb appeal of your home is really the first impression someone gets when they see your home.  Not to mention it can increase your home’s resale value.  It should ultimately match the style of your home on the inside and out.  In other words, If your home is a saltbox colonial your landscaping should be different from that of a contemporary home.  You can play around with plantings, adding in those that bloom against year-long green ones.  Things like fencing, rock walls, decorative walkways and other hardscapes add beauty to your home.  The outside is the beginning of the story and when you walk in it should continue with this story, your story.

Designing Whip Salon 

Amy Pal is the best, we have worked together on many more salons since the first in Ridgefield. She knew exactly the feel that she wanted to evoke in her salon and our job was to interpret her vision.  While each has their own unique vibe there are iconic elements that are common to all.  The initial goal was to create a space that had edge yet elegance, sophistication yet welcoming, soothing yet hip.  We mix elements of different metals, reclaimed wood, and industrial details to juxtapose soft hues, beautiful lighting and fun textures.

Eclectic Grandpa - A new design craze 

Local realtor, Jasmine Gannalo is a fan of “Eclectic Grandpa”. which is a new design craze.  She describes it like this: "Imagine you are in the home of your worldly, educated grandfather; surrounding you are old furnishings, interesting art, books, and decor, collected over a lifetime. The color scheme doesn’t exist, patterns are mixed haphazardly, and furniture styles span decades. Because of the nature of this “trend”, it is very difficult, albeit impossible to simply head to your local home décor store to recreate. What’s wonderful about this look is that it’s sustainable and accessible. 


The initial goal was to create a space that had edge yet elegance, sophistication yet welcoming, soothing yet hip.

  • Design by Andrea Romeo
  • Design by Andrea Romeo