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Outdoor Kitchen Creations

Complete Landsculpture Can Crafts the Perfect Space for Outdoor Cooking, Dining and Entertaining

Summer is here! Time to enjoy the great outdoors. For those who enjoy cooking and entertaining al fresco, the professionals at Complete Landsculpture can create the perfect outdoor kitchen to suit any need or occasion.

“Most people love cooking outdoors – especially Texans,” says Tim McAuliffe, Complete Landsculpture Senior Landscape Consultant.

Designed with the conveniences of an interior kitchen, Complete Landsculpture’s outdoor kitchens provide all that is needed to prepare meals and entertain, including state-of-the art plumbing, refrigeration, stoves and ovens.  From rustic to refined, homeowners can choose the optimal kitchen space to suit their needs.

“Our expert consultants will work with you to design and build the ultimate outdoor space,” Tim says.

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01 With help from the professionals at Complete Landsculpture, any outdoor space can be transformed into the perfect living, dining and entertaining space.

02 The star of the outdoor kitchen is the grill. Be sure to choose one that will accommodate your entertaining needs.

03 Smokers also are a popular addition.  Complete Landsculpure has several styles from which to choose.

04 Door-and-drawer combinations provide all of the storage and convenience of an indoor kitchen.

05 Consider adding casual seating and even a fireplace for comfort and ambiance. 

06 Outdoor kitchens can be customized to suit any style - from modern to traditional and everything in between. 

07 Choosing a covered kitchen space creates a cooler, shaded area, while protecting the kitchen from the elements.

08 Don’t forget the dining space. Make sure to keep entertaining needs in mind when creating outdoor dining.