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The Luxe, Local and Lasting Beauty of Denver’s Creative Living

Patios. Decks. Backyards. Balconies. These are all venues brimming with the potential to become true extensions of a home—opportunities for an outdoor space to become an outdoor room in which a home’s interior style and functionality thrive in the open air. This is the philosophy that Micheline Stone and her Creative Living brand represent.

Creative Living is a masterful embodiment of modern outdoor living and all that it entails. A single destination that includes all of the products and needs associated with creating contemporary outdoor living spaces, the brand prides itself on its impeccable customer service, focus on sustainability and supporting the local community. Not to mention its high-style, high-function outdoor living designs.

“We’re here to help homeowners envision and realize the outdoor living spaces of their dreams,” says Micheline, owner and manager of Creative Living. “Every project is unique, fun and exciting, and our all-encompassing shop is one-of-a-kind in Colorado.”

Achieving the perfect blend of modern style and peak functionality is foundational to Creative Living across all of its offerings, from its transitional furniture to its outdoor kitchens, water and fire features, artful accents and more. Each piece is specially made to withstand the harsh Colorado elements with an emphasis on choosing the most optimal, lasting and visually appealing materials. The furniture incorporates powder-coated aluminum and steel, Sunbrella and marine-grade fabrics and cushions, all-weather resin weaves, sustainable woods and more, while kitchens are made of stainless steel environmentally friendly powder-coating techniques. Durability, fade- and water-resistance, and easy maintenance reign supreme, and Micheline notes that Creative Living designs are made to serve homeowners for years to come.

This design and functionality prowess have been especially important in recent months, as more people have found themselves spending more time at home.

“We’ve seen our clients over the past year looking to create spaces that can help them get outside of the four walls of their house while still truly feeling like they’re at home,” Micheline says. 

Trends in outdoor living that have accelerated and continued to grow over the past year? Larger lounge areas to help homeowners escape the stresses of the day and connect with loved ones with added elements such as cozy fire pits or tranquil fountains. Expanded modern entertainment kitchens with more appliances and gadgets, such as pizza ovens, flat-top grills and kegerators. More art panels and pieces to add intrigue and often softening function to outdoor areas. These art panel pieces are designed by Micheline herself, while sculptures and stone fountains are sourced from local and regional artists.

With a showroom in Denver’s Santa Fe Art District and a newly opened Summit County location, Micheline and the Creative Living team look forward to a bright future of continuing to serve their local, mountain and regional clientele, helping them fully realize the potential of their outdoor living spaces.

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Denver Showroom 

1101 Santa Fe Dr. 

Denver, Colorado

Summit County Showroom 

695 Summit Boulevard, Unit D

Frisco, Colorado

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