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(out)Fit to be Tied...

Young trend spotter loves fashion.

If you ask 9-year-old Kamden McGraw, bowties are definitely back for men’s fashion.

Heck, they’re back for under-10 fashion, as far as he’s concerned.

Kamden is likely the youngest clothing designer in Lee’s Summit - if not the Midwest - and credits some of his fashion journey to the throwback tie, an accessory he favors and has an eye for designing.

“It started one day when I wore a bowtie to the first day of school. I really liked that style and I wanted to keep wearing them to school,” he said. “I don’t know how many (bowties he has designed),” Kamden said, “but I can say it’s a lot.”

Kamden’s mother, Anna, doesn’t have a number either. She just remembers the start of a trend where her son was very specific about what he wore to Hawthorn Hill Elementary.

“When we would lay his clothes out, he would throw a bowtie on the outfit, regardless,” she recalls. “And if he didn’t have something to match, he would come downstairs and say, ‘we have to find something else.’”

At one point, Anna heard about a contest through online retailer Zulily - one that would pay a handsome $6,000 for the winner of a kid’s fashion design contest. Kamden got to work, creating both resort wear and swimwear collections, among other creations.

“I designed some with orange shirts with blue pockets and orange shirts with orange pockets,” Kamden said. “I had a homeschool outfit where the homeschooler was just in pajamas with slippers.”

“I also had athletic clothes like comfy shorts you can play outside in, same thing with shirts, and a ‘teacher’s pet’ with a big, big bowtie and a suit on.”

Through his instant fashion-designing success, the now homeschooled fourth grader is quite the influencer - or as Zulily labels it - a “trend-spotter.” As such, Kamden gets a say in showing the online retailer what he thinks will be in style for kids in any given season.

One might think Kamden’s career track would be set out already, given his early success in fashion. But he says he’s considering joining the Army or becoming a police or firefighter. Or, designing clothes. If he does go military, however, he has a few design suggestions.

“There’s a couple things I would want to do for the training outfits,” he said. “At boot camp, they should have short sleeve shirts (because) where they train it is really hot and they always have to wear long sleeves.”

So what’s in for this fall? Kamden - who is trendspotting Back-to-School clothes found on Zulily - says go with the seasonal colors.

“A lot of orange and black for the fall. It really gives out that Halloween spirit, the orange mixes with the orange leaves falling from the trees,” he said. “For the winter, flannel shirts (solids) and jackets to keep warm.”

For his $6,000, Anna says Kamden kept $1,000 for spending on Zulily for clothing and the rest went to his college savings, “and maybe just a couple of Nerf guns.”

Up next for Kamden? Possibly a shoe design.

“I love shoes, but I haven’t designed any. Yet.”