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Outfits to Create a Greek Vacay at Home


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

Part of the fun with going on a vacation is getting to wear clothing you maybe wouldn't normally wear if you were just hanging out at home. For a trip to an island in Greece, we would carefully pick out each glamorous outfit keeping in mind all of the gorgeous scenery we'll want to take pictures in front of.

Maybe you wouldn't wear a coordinated outfit with jewelry and wedges just to go out to your backyard and lounge by your pool, but at at luxury hotel in Santorini? Yup, we're going all out.

Scientists who study the subconscious mind have found evidence that our brain can't really tell the difference between something we experienced in real life and something we imagined so vividly that we felt like it was real. This is usually used in relation to setting goals in life. If you actively imagine yourself living the life you want, experts believe that you will trick your brain into believing you already have it, and you will act in ways that lead to getting more of what you want.

Why not use this to our advantage and trick our brains into thinking we're Greek goddesses? It all starts with how you see yourself and feel about yourself. So pick out some fun outfits that you feel great in, get yourself all dolled up, and use this summer heat to pretend you are galavanting through a Greek island.

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Greek Island Outfit Inspo

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