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Five Tips for an Outstanding Outdoors!

How to make your garden sing this spring and beyond!

Although most people are inclined to prioritize the interior of their homes, we have a deep appreciation for furnishing and styling exterior spaces! Outdoor spaces are an extension of your home and should be thoughtfully furnished and decorated. 

Below are my tips for creating an inviting outdoor space:

1. Plants, Plants, and More Plants!

While I love using faux and dried plants inside, I prefer using live plants outside. I highly recommend finding a local nursery to source plants and planters from. The team at the nursery can help ensure that you are purchasing plants that will work for your space based on the amount of sunlight that comes in. Nurseries are also a mecca for a wide variety of planters, so I tend to start there when I need a vessel for planting. If you’re in Austin, I highly recommend Barton Springs Nursery or The Natural Gardener. 

2. Decorate Your Tabletops

Not all materials are suited for exterior use, so it’s tempting to forgo decor and stick with the essentials for tabletops. However, there is certainly decor that will hold-up outside. Look for glazed ceramics, metals, or glass pieces which will help bring your space together without the fear of them being ruined.

3. Zero-Maintenance Furniture

From freezes to storms and brutal heat in the summer, Austin experiences all types of weather.  Investing in the right materials will allow you to enjoy your furniture throughout Austin’s various seasons. Aluminum is a go-to material for outdoor furniture given that it’s rust-proof and water-resistant. We also love teak or concrete pieces, as they are also incredibly durable in any climate. 

4. Add a Fire Pit

While a fire pit is definitely not needed year-round, it can still act as a focal or gathering point in your outdoor space. In the cooler seasons, it’s the perfect excuse to get outdoors and create memories with family or friends. We love round, concrete fire pits as a way to offset the straight lines that are more common in large furniture pieces such as couches or tables.

5. Anchor Your Space with a Rug

Similar to the inside of your home, rugs help define and pull a space together. They are also more comfortable to walk on than a hard patio floor. Make sure that your rug is outdoor rated and that it is large enough for at least one leg of all furniture pieces to sit on. 


A native of Fairchild, Texas, a rural village south of Houston, Audrey credits her small-town upbringing for her love of cozy, welcoming spaces. During middle school, she watched her parents go through the process of designing and building a house from the ground up, working with a builder and an architect, and traveling to source materials. Now Based in Austin, Audrey Scheck Design (ASD) is a full-service interior design firm expert in transforming both residential and office environments. 

Find out more about Audrey Scheck Design by visiting or on Instagram at audreyscheckdesign