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The Best Years, a best-of-class CBD wellness boutique, offers premium solutions, especially sought after by those over 55. The company’s wellness products aim to improve overall health while effectively providing relief from pains and illnesses through a specially formulated and diverse line of hemp products. The retail location at 10180 West Tropicana, Suite 134, Las Vegas, also has an online store. Manager of The Best Years, Mark Kalbfleisch, shares his thoughts on the healing benefits of CBD.

The healing benefits of CBD have been well known for centuries. Unfortunately, CBD derived from the Hemp plant was a natural health product placed in a category with cannabis and thus made it difficult to purchase. Once customers were exposed to CBD products that contained negligible concentrations of THC (the substance responsible for the cannabis “high”), a large portion of the population was willing to sample Hemp CBD for the potential healing benefits.

Antidotal studies and CBD customer experiences have produced some tremendous personal health and wellness results, and in a surprisingly short amount of time. As with any great product, continued and sustained success spreads very quickly.

CBD works at the cellular level and acts as a signal to make cells function better. So, just as important as the noticeable pain relief, anxiety, stress, and insomnia relief are the long-term internal benefits that studies are now showing, namely Improved cellular function and reduced inflammation. Both of these are crucial in improving quality of life. 

A good rule of thumb is to try different products to see what works best for them. For example:

·       Pain relief run and roll-on. These are packed full of a significant amount of CBD as well as other homeopathic and healing substances to produce a quick and lasting suppression of inflammation when applied to painful muscles and joints. By working directly to reduce the inflammation, pain relief usually accompanies.

·       Tincture. Drops placed under the tongue are absorbed internally and spread throughout the body, bringing wellness at the cellular level. Combined with lotion or roll-on, customers are able to fight inflammation both topically and internally.

·       Sleep gummies. These are extremely popular and effective relaxation and restful sleep improvement chewable gummies without the use of melatonin, and melatonin's side effects.

·       CBD bath bombs. Relax, relieve stress, and improve sleep. This fragrant bath method is excellent for getting over soreness or soothing when you have a cold or the flu.

·       Caramels, taffy, and popcorn. Great tasting products that have a nice quantity of CBD integrated. 

Trying something new can be difficult without information, so we have complimentary samples of several CBD products for customers to experience the benefits firsthand. We believe in overall wellness and want to help our community have the best years possible.

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