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Oyster Sports Bar

Auston's on 98 offers a new way to do seafood

Article by Savannah Vasquez

Photography by Robert Young, Forever Young Images

Originally published in Destin City Lifestyle

They may still be new to the Destin restaurant scene, but Auston’s on 98 has already begun to make a name for themselves. Since opening their doors three years ago, Auston’s has won local awards for both their oyster and sports bar components.  

Auston’s late owner Doug Crow had dreamed of opening a restaurant in Destin for more than 20 years. A successful restauranter in Nashville, Crow had his eye on his favorite Destin restaurant, Buster’s Oyster Bar and Grill.

“Doug had been coming to Destin for years with his family and they would always go to Buster’s, which was a staple in Destin, he said that if Buster’s ever closed, he wanted to buy it,” said Auston’s on 98 Co-Owner Jessica Evans. “He wanted to do an oyster bar because that’s what Buster’s was, but his nine restaurants in Nashville were all sports bars so he wanted to try to incorporate the two.”  

Auston’s on 98 is named for Doug’s youngest son, who now is part owner and works in the Destin restaurant. 

"Doug’s first restaurant he owned was named after his oldest son, Dalton, and he wanted to name this restaurant in Destin after his younger son, Auston. When Doug passed away last year the boys took over his part of the ownership.” 

Located in a strip mall across from the Silver Sands Outlet Mall, Auston’s is an unassuming location; one that often gets overlooked. However, Jessica said customers and passersby are always pleasantly surprised to find a state-of the-art oyster bar, clean bright beachy theme, impressive seafood menu and 37 flat screen televisions awaiting them inside.  

“A lot of people think from the outside that we are a dive bar but when they walk in, they often say, ‘This is not at all what we thought it would look like!’” said Jessica. “We have a 102-foot bright aqua bar, painted in aquas and greys, it’s very clean and inside." 

When it comes to the food, Jessica said everything is fresh and as local as she can get it. A seafood menu with a Nashville flair, Auston’s has begun to make a name for itself among vacationers and locals alike. 

“We sell more raw oysters than anything else, and we have an oyster shucker that will shuck oysters right in front of you; that’s the most popular thing we have,” Jessica said. “We use local oysters, fresh scallops, domestic shrimp and we serve a local fish of the day. I think our seafood speaks for itself.” 

Still being relatively new in town, Jessica said the restaurant gets its name in the community by being part of the community. 

"We do a little bit of advertising, but really it's mostly through sponsorships to local sports teams, school athletic programs and charity golf tournaments, where we go and cater and let people try our food," Jessica said. "There are a lot more charity events than you can imagine in this town."  

Auston's is a bustling place during football season, between college football and professional games, Jessica said the restaurant is always busting at the seams in the fall. 

"Saturdays and Sundays in the fall are a mad house, but it’s a fun mad house," Jessica laughed. "We may not have the water-side view but we have a fun, local atmosphere for both locals and vacationers to enjoy." 

  • The late Auston's on 98 Owner Doug Crow
  • Beloved Oyster Shucker Steve Trotter of Auston's recently passed away..