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Ozark Cycling Adventures, Hazel Valley Rally

Allied Cycle Works’ athletes take on Fayetteville’s Hazel Valley Rally race

We eagerly anticipate the annual Hazel Valley Rally, a pedal among the pebbles race in the Ozark National Forest. Located within a private ranch in Southeast Fayetteville the race encompasses the choice of 45 or 64 miles of picturesque yet challenging gravel terrain. An exciting addition to the race this year is the ability to camp overnight. Hazel Valley Rally is “at the edge of where the Ozarks open up to the backcountry,” as stated by Drew Medlock, who will be riding at the event alongside his team. Drew is the CEO of Allied Cycle Works, one of the only high-end bike manufacturers in the United States. The factory is headquartered in Rogers and has a massive impact on the cycling community. 

Drew’s passion for cycling first began with bike motocross as a child, transitioned into a love for mountain and gravel biking, and eventually led him to Allied Cycle Works. The brand began in Little Rock but transitioned to Northwest Arkansas as the cycling scene skyrocketed. The Allied Cycle Works' mission is to craft premier carbon fiber bicycles, proudly made in the USA. While most American bike brands focus on the “design, market, and sell” process, they neglect the "make" part of the equation, which Allied Cycle values most. 

The team, while close-knit, is full of individuals with the freedom to market their cyclist personality as they see fit. This approach allows athletes to engage in influencer culture with cycling brands that they personally support, leading to impactful results. An example athlete is Lea Davison, a 2x Olympian who coaches for USA Cycling’s junior development program in Fayetteville, with the mission to raise up the next generation of cyclists.

When asked where the future of cycling in Northwest Arkansas is headed, Drew stated that “the amount of trails we have creates a HUGE culture”. NWA hosts cyclists from all over the world seeking to experience the beautiful Ozark terrain. Trails that appeal to both beginners and experts, several nationally recognized gravel races, and year-round cycling weather cement Arkansas as a cycling destination. Head out to the Hazel Valley Rally in Southeast Fayetteville, Saturday April 13th to cheer Drew and fellow Allied Cyclists on! 

“The Hazel Valley is the edge of where the Ozarks open up to backcountry terrain.”

  • Drew Medlock, CEO Allied Cycle Works
  • Drew Medlock, CEO Allied Cycle Works