Painting Parties Right to your Door

Let your inner artist explore and enjoy painting with your loved ones

One of the most fascinating aspects of art and creation is the correspondence between everyone involved. February is a cold yet heartwarming time for anyone who might have an apple in their eye. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, take creativity and bonding back to the essentials… painting.

Brushing It Up is a painting business that comes to anywhere one might be— home, hotel, convention space, festival, restaurant, bar, or office. The team at Brushing It Up will guide the party through each step of the painting while still allowing room for each individual to add their own unique touch. Regardless of where the team will take all the preparation and clean-up duties, so the client can fully enjoy their event. 

What really sets apart their painting parties is their patience and willingness to work with groups at their own pace. For some people, painting is something they do all the time, which can be quite intimidating for others at the party. Not only does Brushing It Up work with all skill levels, but they also accommodate the venue to create an even more comfortable atmosphere.

Establishing an accessible experience is important for this mobile painting party company, as they don’t want anyone to feel inadequate. No one needs to be an expert painter in order to enjoy their time, as the point is to just have fun and allow for creation to take its course on a blank canvas.

Deena Pelton, artist and owner of Brushing It Up, said, “Art is very subjective, so people find so many different things beautiful. Getting perfection out of people’s heads is hard, but it’s not about perfection.” 

Booking with Brushing It Up for any group dynamics is easy. For Valentine’s Day, the opportunity to have a private painting party with a loved one can create something sentimental and original. Painting is an expressive outlet and can really bring out a side in everyone that isn’t normally tapped into on a daily basis. Perhaps it could also be the start of a new hobby between each other. Or it can be the perfect setting for a mother and daughter to build upon a mutually loved hobby. 

Parents can also book a paint party for their children. Kids have a phenomenal time painting because it allows them to explore their natural creativity. For those that need a little more guidance, some pre-drawn canvases are an option as well. However, Deena has noticed that kids tend to be braver painters than their elder counterparts and don’t let that little negative voice affect their willingness to try and paint without fear of the end result not being perfect.

Singles can have just as much fun as couples do on this love-filled holiday as they can organize a singles party. The “Pop Up Art Bar” would be a great option for this particular event, as it allows the individual person to go up to the bar and choose a specific theme or project and paint to their heart’s desire. Plus, it really helps accommodate a larger group, considering some people might want to paint their own design at their own pace. Brushing It Up offers other additions to the party, such as glitter tattoos, face painting, and karaoke.

Regardless of how large the party is and who will be attending, the organization of the event is never something that the clients will have to worry about. Brushing It Up supplies the materials needed, so running to the nearest art store and wandering up and down the aisles while guessing the proper tools won’t be on the list of worries. Top-quality acrylic and multiple-sized canvases are amongst the list of materials, along with some pre-drawn layouts if needed. 

If there isn’t a location that can be secured for a painting party or if people don’t feel like leaving their homes to have a party, there is always the option to have it virtually. This option does require the hosts to obtain the materials and properly disperse them to all members of the party beforehand. But this option doesn’t lack in allowing for a memorable experience. Despite not being present in the room, there will still be thorough guidance through the painting process via Zoom.

The most important philosophy of painting parties is the element of relaxation and having fun. Deena said, “I’ve noticed that around 13 years old is when people lose their confidence in painting. Under 13… it’s like everyone is an artist.” At Brushing It Up, their goal is to bring everyone back to their root joys and let their inner child explore and have fun again. These painting parties are a space to enjoy the simplicity of bringing brushes to a canvas while connecting to everyone in a unique and celebratory way.

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