Painting the Picture of Your Home

Chateau Realty’s Vanessa Van Trease Provides Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers

Article by Jane Krzysiak

Photography by True Homes Photography, Jason Oleniczak, Vanessa Van Trease

Originally published in Cross Timbers Lifestyle

DFW homeowners have benefited from strong home sales for quite some time, but both buyers and sellers still ask what the magic formula is that gets them to a quick close that provides each the best outcome.  Because even when houses are selling like hot cakes – no one wants to leave money on the table, especially when it comes to maximizing what is most often their largest asset.

Chateau Realty broker, Vanessa Van Trease, has seen our local market change and grow dramatically over the years.  Married to leading luxury custom home builder/developer, Corey Van Trease, Vanessa has absorbed the sawdust into her own veins and brings unique insight into all aspects of real estate from raw land to the finished product.  

Vanessa has helped folks weather economic storms in the real estate market (Hello, 2008!) as well as fully benefit in boom times.  She has helped navigate her clients through ups and downs in their own lives – joyous newlyweds and growing families putting down new roots to folks experiencing job changes or loss, moves, downsizing – every situation under the sun. 

Vanessa explains that home buying and selling is really a psychological process.  You must understand the emotional release of a home and the embrace of a new home. At this level, it is much more than just pulling market comps, decluttering your space, and taking a few pictures.  A house holds the emotions of a family - it is what makes it a home.   Starting with this acceptance and knowledge will put you on the best path to achieve your goals. 

Vanessa says, “One of the first questions I ask sellers is, 'What do you love about your home?'  It might be that it is an easy walk to the local school or has the most amazing sunsets off the back patio, but I need to know that so I can help paint the picture of your home for potential buyers.”   Buyers need to visualize themselves living in your home – making it their own.

This is another reason it is important to have a personal vibe in your home even when it goes on the market.  Keep family photos and personal mementos up within reason. Removing them makes the space too sterile and it becomes a house, not a home.  Tell the story of how you lived in your home.  Often your buyer will end up being someone that looks like you!  You want to attract the buyer who “gets” your home and will value it for the same reasons you did.

Of course, as a seller you also need to take care of your “To Do” list.  All those little things you put off – fixing that broken bathroom tile, having an extra house key made, etc. needs to happen now.  Hire it out if you must, but get it done.  Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes – they can sense when a house has been cared for and maintained.  On that note - be objective about your home’s value - your realtor can help with this.

When meeting with buyers Vanessa stresses the importance of identifying how they “do life.”  She says I always ask my buyers, “What do you enjoy doing when you are kicking back with your family?”  This insight directs Vanessa down the best path for that individual family.  Maybe it’s fishing and a home with a pond nearby is just the ticket or riding bikes on neighborhood trails.  Understanding what the buyer values and holds dear makes a huge difference in finding that perfect match property.

Once interested in a property make sure you visit it at different times of the day.  This helps uncover issues like traffic congestion, overhead flight patterns, nearby school band practice schedules and noise.  It also highlights benefits such as stunning sunrises and seeing potential neighbors who may be out walking their dogs.  It’s a glimpse of what life will be like in your new home.

When it’s all said and done – timing is everything.  The right house will come along at the right time even if you are frustrated and tired of looking.  Conversely, the right buyer will come along if you are selling.  You don’t need one hundred buyers – just one right one.   Working with a trusted agent who understands you and your needs and building a plan accordingly will lead to success. 

To visit with Vanessa, contact her at 214.325.5195 or check out  chateaurealty.net for more information. 

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