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Painting with Purpose

How a Local Family-Owned Business Is Changing Decatur One Brushstroke at a Time

CertaPro Painters of Atlanta-Decatur, owned by Jeremy and Jen Rhett, is more than a painting business. With every brushstroke, they integrate a strong commitment to community service. 

Founded in 2002 to revive Jeremy’s entrepreneurial spirit, CertaPro Painters of Atlanta-Decatur has evolved into a thriving local business. With 15 full-time staff and over 70 skilled painters, Jeremy and Jen have built a substantial presence and a deeply ingrained culture of giving back. 

The Rhett family's bond with Decatur is very personal as well as professional. Raising their three children in the community, they focus on revitalizing spaces already full of life and memories. "We're passionate about repainting homes and businesses," Jeremy says, emphasizing their dedication to transforming lived-in spaces. This commitment goes beyond aesthetics, nurturing a strong sense of responsibility to the Decatur community. 

A prime example of their dedication to Decatur is Jen's nonprofit, REAP: Reading is Essential for All People. Created from personal experiences with their sons' reading challenges, Jeremy and Jen started REAP in 2013 to boost literacy in Metro Atlanta schools. A portion of every painting project supports this cause, merging their business with philanthropy. 

In the words of Jeremy, "Owning your own business allows you to directly impact your community." This belief is clear in how CertaPro Painters of Atlanta-Decatur utilizes its success to support charitable efforts, strengthening and educating the community. For the Rhett family, each completed project not only beautifies Decatur but also enhances literacy and opportunities locally. 

Jeremy and Jen's active participation in Decatur's social life enhances their community involvement. From dining at local restaurants to Jeremy performing with his band "Tiger Kings" at local events, their familiar and friendly presence embodies the spirit of local engagement. 

Their story goes beyond entrepreneurial success, marked by impactful contributions that improve community life. Jeremy's vision elevates their painting business into a tool for community enrichment, demonstrating that any business, no matter how local or ordinary, can drive significant change. 

As social responsibility gains importance within local businesses, CertaPro of Atlanta-Decatur shines as an example of how businesses can robustly support local communities through sustainable practices. Jeremy and Jen Rhett paint a future where businesses are valued not only for their economic impact but also for their social contributions. This truly exemplifies painting with a purpose. 

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