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Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023

It’s always an exciting time of year when Pantone’s color of the year is announced.  This year is exhilarating because the color chosen for 2023 is a bold departure from recent colors chosen in the past few years.  Pantone has chosen a vibrant, joyous, crimson hue called Viva Magenta.  Easily integrated into any room or space, Viva Magenta is a perfect complement to nature-inspired neutrals as well as rich, dark tones.  

The Pantone Color of the Year is a color chosen by Pantone, the world’s industry leader in color expertise.  This color represents the global climate of the year.  The shade gets instant fame and we start seeing it everywhere.  From fashion to beauty to interior design, the color chosen for the year is suddenly everywhere.  Pantone wants to show people the power color can have and the importance of it in our lives.  

Vice President of Pantone’s Color Institute, Laurie Pressman described the color choice as “an unconventional shade for an unconventional time.”  Viva Magenta represents the global culture of today.  It’s a color that embodies celebration, and a new global chapter that is a story of our connection to each other through globalization while embodying power and grace.  This color represents the confidence to move forward into a new era.  

Viva Magenta is deeply influenced by all the vibrancy nature has to offer  The color is reminiscent of bright flowers such as Amaryllis, Cymbidium, and Gerbera blooms.  It has a similar hue to the heart of a beet, a prickly pear cactus fruit, or the inside of a tropical dragonfruit.  It is one of the most luscious and vibrant hues in nature.  

What does this mean for interior design?  This color is exciting as we’re seeing more and more of a move away from minimalism and starkness.  This hue embodies celebration and warmth.  It’s a bold choice and is going to be a statement when used as part of a cohesive design.  This exciting hue can be integrated into any space or any room in your home.  It will be more than just an accent piece here and there.  This color will be used liberally as an accent wall color, tile colors, as well as many accent pieces.  Viva Magenta can be texturized in many ways.  The hue takes to texture extremely well.  We are sure to see this color used in layers of texture, from a dry, desert-like texture used with clay accessories, to plush rugs, bringing a bright elegance to a space.  It will give a space a sense of depth and richness, as the color is vibrant and fearless. 

With the rise in popularity of biophilic design, Viva Magenta will bring more bright flowers into designs as well as the greenery that has been on trend for a few years now.  Biophilic design has been increasing in popularity among interior designers.  The idea is to bring nature indoors and incorporate nature into the design of a space.  This has been done with every shade of green imaginable.  Viva Magenta, having roots in nature, will be part of this design in 2023 and beyond. 

This color is especially exciting for designers as it can be integrated into any work or home space and room.  Viva Magenta is appropriate for every room and will give that room more than just a splash of color.  It will provide a joyous undertone as well as a dramatic and theatrical flair.  A big departure from the neutrals and stark whites of minimalism.  This hue evokes feelings of passion, joy, and celebration.  Every space can use a bit of these emotions connected with it.  Viva Magenta is about the connections we are born into and how we integrate those into the people we are today and the connections we continue to make in our lives.    

The kitchen is very often the unofficial meeting place, it’s a place filled with memories and joy and now the colors used in kitchens are reflecting that.  The kitchen is also where we connect to our past, through recipes and food of our culture.  The vibrancy of the kitchen comes to life both in what the spirit of a kitchen is and with color livening up the space.  Tiled backsplashes using Viva Magenta will brighten the kitchen and be visually stunning and attractive. As with any Pantone Color of the Year, we will soon see kitchen appliances in Viva Magenta.  A beautiful magenta dutch oven will be an awe-inspiring touch to your stovetop.  This coming year will also see cabinets painted in the hue, a bold and beautiful look.  From kitchen accessories to appliances, Viva Magenta can be used all over the kitchen.  It’s not to be used sparingly.  The more color, the more joy is exuded from the kitchen.       

This bold choice of color is a great dramatic flair for any bedroom.  Viva Magenta can be used all over your bedroom for a bright, joyous ambiance.  Curtains can add texture to the design of the bedroom.  Viva Magenta curtains will add an element of elegance.  The versatility of Viva Magenta is what is really interesting about this hue.  It can bring a luxurious and elegant element to a bedroom with a fluffy rug, ornate pillows, or a chaise lounge in the color.  It can be used extremely well with a rustic style, with dressers, chests, and other wooden furniture distressed with Viva Magenta.  Depending on the ambiance you desire in your bedroom, there is a way to incorporate Viva Magenta into any bedroom.  

Living rooms are not left out of Viva Magenta.  As we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of large, round couches and sofas, we will see Viva Magenta fabrics used for these statement pieces.  There will be ample opportunities to use this color in your living room design, as a statement piece, a plush rug, throw pillows and blankets, as well as curtains.  Accent walls with the bright shade are going to be bold and a gorgeous addition to brighten up your space.  Every kind of accessory imaginable from decorative tapestries to ottomans to funky chairs will be available in Viva Magenta.  

Viva Magenta can seamlessly be integrated into both traditional and contemporary designs.  It can give a rejuvenating effect to antiques and give a modern spin to a coffee table.  This color is so versatile.  It can go with several textures and patterns, like stone and wood of all hues.  Whatever design you weave it into, it will add color, drama, and depth.