Paradise Awaits

An experience of a lifetime - set sail in Croatia with two luxury yachts

Imagine a European destination with crystal clear water, amazing food, numerous islands to explore and plenty of history. Did you guess Croatia? The Mediterranean country is more popular than ever — and with very good reasons, according to Pave and Marko Lakic, owners of Corsario and Lupus Mare, two luxurious yachts primed to show you the seascape. 

“Croatia is a country to sail,” Pave insists. “Located on the Mediterranean, we can proudly say that it is the best and nicest part of the Mediterranean – crystal-clear sea, more than a thousand islands, a slower pace of life, filled with 2,000-year-old historic towns and villages and outstanding organic food. It is not surprising that Croatia is the next big thing in Europe.”

Perhaps you aren’t a “boat person” or have a fear of water. No worries, says Pave — the waters of Croatia are calm and beautiful. “People are not used to our Adriatic sea, which is really tame. And by that we mean there are no dangerous sharks, jellyfish or any other creatures that can harm you,” he says. “They are surprised by the beauty of it and the freedom it offers to enjoy it. Also, the waves are not big like in the ocean, so it makes it perfect to swim!”

Both yachts provide, in the words of Pave, luxury, elegance and adventure. For smaller groups up to 12 people, the Corsario offers “impressive and spacious cabins, numerous amenities, such as a sauna and jacuzzi, plus water toys including jetski, seabob, kayaks, SUPs and more.” Meanwhile, for larger groups up to 32 people, the Lupus Mare offers additional, spacious lodging and the same wonderful amenities. “The real difference between these yachts and bigger cruisers is the level of service you receive due to the smaller number of guests — and an ability to discover hidden bays and coves that big cruisers cannot approach,” Pave notes. “It is a unique experience indeed.”

According to Pave, yacht guests treasure not only the exquisite service but also multiple opportunities to explore the Adriatic Sea. “We believe our guests enjoy swim stops the most, and our captains know that,” he says. “They are the ones who always find beautiful bays to anchor — just look at our pictures on Instagram, and you will see where we manage to squeeze in our 50-meter-long yacht! It’s incredible. When you add water toys to that experience, they don’t want to leave the sea.”

After a sun-filled afternoon, cuisine and cocktails are another reason guests are more than satisfied on their sailing trip. Guests can choose a variety of culinary options, including fresh seafood, and meals are chef-prepared, then paired with elite cocktails and wines. “Every year, we have repeat clients mainly due to our service,” Pave says. “Imagine a trip where the crew spontaneously takes you to catch octopus or fish for calamari, and the chef prepares it for you. There are not many places with that kind of experience, and our guests love it.”
Still, an adventure onboard one of these stunning yachts is more than just swimming and enjoying sumptuous seafood; it’s also a cultural experience, and Pave firmly believes that the beauty and history of Croatia truly captivates guests. “Croatia is a lovely country, and there is no better way to explore than on the yacht,” he says. “We believe guests fall in love with the little alleyways, bars and restaurants — and the local life and coastal towns. When you come here, you will see what we mean!” 

For more information, visit reillyresortrepresentatives.com. 

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