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Paradise Charter Cruises

Scenic Boat Tours on Lake Minnetonka and the Mississippi River

Paradise Charter Cruises offers everything you need to take to the water in high style this summer. Their four award-winning vessels treat over 50,000 passengers each year to breathtaking voyages across Lake Minnetonka and down the Mississippi River.

“I’ve always had a passion for making people happy,” said Dave Lawrence, who founded Paradise Charter Cruises in 1985. “And when those people are lucky enough to live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there’s no better way to do that than by taking them out on the water.”

Paradise is now celebrating their 36th summer afloat Lake Minnetonka, where they depart from the scenic downtown ports of Excelsior and Wayzata. The Paradise Grand and the Paradise Princess II, both 57-foot yachts, each accommodate 10 to 50 passengers, while the stately 70-foot Paradise Destiny II will take 40 to 100.

Lake Minnetonka is the ideal destination for a summertime escape. Passengers admire the natural beauty and crystal pure water which shimmers beneath a cornflower blue sky, and perhaps wish they could own one of the picturesque mansions dotting the shoreline. Prince could not have put it any better in Purple Rain: “You have to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.” But spending a day gliding around it on a luxury yacht is just as revitalizing!

Paradise christened the Minneapolis Queen in 2004. The modern 80-foot paddleboat departs from Bohemian Flats Park in Downtown Minneapolis to take 40 to 125 passengers up and down the great old river. Guests enjoy stunning views of St. Anthony Falls, the historic Stone Arch Bridge and the legendary river bluffs, each made only more gorgeous by the backdrop of Minneapolis’ aspiring towers. 

Paradise offers regular cruises on Lake Minnetonka and the Mississippi River almost daily from Mother’s Day through the third weekend of October. Their Happy Hour & Pizza Cruises, which make the cruising experience even greater by combining it with the two finest substances known to man, are available on both bodies of water, as is Margarita Monday. And if you are looking for the perfect date or a family outing everyone will cherish, you need only book a table during one of the Friday Night Dinner or Sunday Brunch cruises.

The yachts of Paradise Charter Cruises and the Minneapolis Queen are also available for private parties. The spacious and elegantly furnished ships set the ideal stage for corporate events, client appreciation parties, and team building outings. Paradise has helped many companies hold staff reunions in a COVID-safe environment throughout the pandemic.

Paradise Charter Cruises also provides the venues for Minnesota’s most memorable anniversaries, birthdays, sweet sixteens, bar and bat mitzvahs, baby showers and family reunions, and there is perhaps no better way to celebrate a wedding.

“People tell us over and over again: Paradise weddings are the most beautiful they have ever been invited to,” said Dave. “Whether you want to treat your guests to a scenic rehearsal dinner, have your ceremony on the shore and then board the ship to celebrate, or actually deliver your vows out on the water, we’re ready to help make your big day special. There are no minimums, and we can meet just about any budget. We regularly coordinate with hotels and wedding planners. Our staff is committed to working with you so your wedding goes as smoothly as the boat ride itself!”

To learn more about Paradise Charter Cruises and plan your public cruise or private event, please visit


Paradise Charter Cruises’ yachts and riverboat feature bars, state of the art audio systems, satellite stereo receivers, LCD television screens, dancing areas, climate controlled areas, and space for buffets and dining – every luxury you need to host a truly memorable occasion!