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Paradise In Your Backyard

Go Beyond Your Dreams!

Article by Don Seaman

Photography by Jason Werner

Originally published in Wayne Lifestyle

It’s nearly become a cliché to call the new era of home landscaping a “backyard oasis.”

But that doesn’t make it any less accurate.

Having your own custom design usually begins with the most eye-grabbing of all. The pool. It’s the centerpiece, the show-stopper, the star.

Cool landscaping is one thing. A fire pit is a popular box to check, as is an outdoor TV, pizza oven, and maybe even a putting green or a bocce court. All the things that used to be amenities offered by high-end resort hotels and private clubs have become available to homeowners. Some of the new homesteader luxuries might be a result of pandemic living as people reassessed what was possible to maximize during their time at home.

But make no mistake — it’s the pool that’s the centerpiece.

“What you put in all depends upon what your goals and lifestyle are,” explains Jason Werner, owner of Everclear Pools and Spas. “Do you do a lot of entertaining? Are you looking for a place to exercise and enjoy the sun? Sit around a fire pit to relax with a beer and cigars at night? Your design and what you include in your plan all should start with how you want to use it. “

As summer gets into full swing, having a backyard that beckons to you will encourage you to get outside and enjoy the good weather. How great is it to have your favorite vacation spot mere steps from your kitchen?

With the right additions, that kitchen might be right there in your own backyard, just a couple of steps from your very own personal water park.

After all, weren’t the best times of your life when you got to go outside and play?

To find out more about Everclear Pools and Spas, they can be reached at 973-998-6886 or online at