Pared-Down Perfection

Nicole Rutledge has a passion for intimate, minimalistic design inspired by nature

Nicole Rutledge is passionate about making spaces that feel personalized and cozy.

Nicole is a Certified Interior Designer with over a decade of commercial and residential design experience. After receiving her BFA in interior design from Virginia Commonwealth University, Nicole started making a name for herself nationally, taking her inspiration from the nature and the organic landscape of the dwelling. 

In addition to designing customized, intimate spaces, Nicole strives to keep the look fresh and pared down. She adapts this same mindset when working in retail and public spaces such as building lobbies.

Nicole knew she wanted to be a designer at a young age. She would spend hours moving furniture and other objects around her bedroom - redecorating on the regular. The Sims – a life simulation video game set in a suburban household near a fictional city – captured her imagination, and she played it nonstop, building houses, decorating rooms, and tearing down designs to make them more captivating.  

In high school, to get herself ready to apply to the VCU School of the Arts, Nicole took as many arts classes as she could fit into her schedule. Her strategy worked as she was accepted with early admission. 

Now hard at work as a professional designer, Nicole lives in a 1926 bungalow in Fulton Hill with dog Rye and cat Pippa.  In her spare time she gardens and continually works on renovating her older home, noting, “A home is never done!”

Nicole’s ideal client is anyone who recognizes the importance of the space they live in, and she works with all clients with different design needs. Her services range from online coaching to full 3-D design mockups to space planning and construction documents. For Nicole, it all comes down to her minimalistic design aesthetic and the details - all the way down to finishes, lighting, accessories, and art selections.  

Her simple advice to clients and fellow decorators: Surround yourself with only the things that make you the happiest!


Instagram: @nicolerutledgedesign
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