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Parenting In Today’s Society

Tips And strategies For Raising Kids To Be The Salt Of The Earth

Steve Hines of Thompson's Station has always had a need to express himself creatively, and for many years, he did that musically. But last fall, he had a sudden inspiration to write a book. “It was September of 2022 and I was sitting in total silence when the Lord told me to
write a book on parenting. It had never even crossed my mind before, but I knew that was what I was supposed to do.”

He went home and started writing, and about 15 hours later, he had the first draft of Salt, Light & Kids: Parenting Well in Today’s Culture. “It’s about 200 pages and it just poured out of me,” says Steve. “I have a lot of frustration with society today. There are just so many voices, so much noise, so much clutter, and a lot of that feeds into self-centered tendencies with us and our kids. I really wanted to call parents back to teaching their kids how to be the salt of the earth - how to be responsible, hardworking, honest, humble, and how to have a
servant heart and respect others.”

Steve also wants parents to examine their own behaviors. “One of the biggest problems is social media and technology, and I challenge parents in both their own consumption and their children's consumption. It not only leads to a cluttered mind, but a huge increase in mental
health issues.” 

There are many tips for parents throughout the book. One is that kids don’t have to be entertained all the time. “Kids can have a day off and not have to go to every activity or do everything their schoolmates are doing,” he says. “Let them just play and entertain themselves.” 

The book, which was published this year, can be found everywhere books, e-books and audiobooks are sold.

  • “This is my tribe. My wife, Leigh Ann, is standing next to me, then my daughter Madeline, son-in-law Zac, daughter-in-law Sloan, son Max and my granddaughters,
  • “I went through 30 plus titles and a lot of designs. I'm really proud of where it all ended up.”
  • “I dedicated the book to my wife. We were high school sweethearts and have been married for 35 years. She’s everything to me.”
  • “This is me in my Sunday best, which hardly ever happens anymore. I play with my granddaughters a lot, so I’m usually in t-shirts and shorts.”