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Design by Alan Gonzalez

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Parker Fashion Week

Annual Fashion Event Wildly Successful Showcase for Local Boutiques/National Designers

Parker Fashion Week 2024 (PFW) drew a sold-out crowd to line the sides of the runway at the Villa Parker event venue. In the spotlight were fashions from five nationally renowned designers as well as contributions from two local boutiques. Attendees were treated to an exceptional display of glamor, high fashion and creativity throughout the two-day runway fashion show.

The five designers featured at PFW 2024 were Elda De La Rosa (Chicago), Alan Gonzalez (New York City), Borris Powell (Chicago), Dan Richters (Omaha) and Duane Topping (Denver). Local boutiques included Parker Panache and children’s clothing store Petit Parker.

PFW has been held annually since 2021 and is a vibrant exciting addition to Parker’s fashion scene. Information on upcoming events @parkerfashionweek or visit

  • Elda De La Rosa, Chicago-based couture designer
  • Borris Powell is both a designer and the producer of Parker Fashion Week
  • Denver-based designer Duane Topping
  • Parker Panache
  • Design by Alan Gonzalez
  • Parker Panache fashion
  • Design by Elda De La Rosa
  • Design by Duane Topping
  • Design by Elda De La Rosa
  • Petit Parker fashion
  • Petit Parker fashion