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Customer Service Means Something When Your Name is on The Door

Parson Insurance Agency Combines Old-World Customer Service with Modern Convenience to Keep His Clients' Best Interests at Heart

Article by Jacquie Mazziotta

Photography by Terry Fravel

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

Since 1993, the Parson family has been providing personalized customer service and competitive insurance rates for the Canton and surrounding community. Parson Insurance Agency is independently owned and has a unique value proposition for customers. Agents have the flexibility to work with multiple insurance carriers and find the most competitive rates and optimum coverage.

Rates are on the rise and working with a trusted agent can often reap benefits when it comes to weathering the economy.

“As inflation continues to climb, every insurance carrier is raising rates,” says John Parson, owner of Parson Insurance Agency. “We have a management system that will tell us when someone’s rates increase more than 10%. When that happens, we will notify people that the rates went up, investigate and offer a solution when we can. If it is not too acute of a situation, we can make changes and lower rates for our customers. In doing that, it keeps people happy. We have a retention rate of about 94%, and people know we’re not there just for the premium.”

Other key considerations may also include health, assets and scenarios or challenges that may not have been top of mind like adding a piece of jewelry or a laptop to a policy or even considering health risks if a personal situation changes.

Premiums are always a focus, but customer service is equally important. When an emergency happens, Parson can be reached 24 hours a day. He is available to receive the first phone call during an emergency and helps throughout the claim process if needed.

“My name is on the door, and we are not just employees. Sometimes we will get in the middle of claims and help sort things out. I remember my first house fire. I put on my boots and just went out to the house while the fire was happening. I was taking pictures and just generally helping,” he says.

Parson provides customer insurance coverage for Medicare supplements, life, health, auto, annuities, index annuity, commercial, private, investment properties, RVs, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, classic cars, builder’s risk and more.

For more information, visit or call 330-956-4200.