There's No Place Like Home

Home—that word has meant more than ever in recent months. As COVID-19 spread across the globe and shelter-in-place orders followed, some were able to hunker down in a familiar, safe place to ride out the unprecedented pandemic.

For me, my home has never been as important and, of course, I have never spent as much time at home. I actually have done so many things that I had always dreamed of, from clearing unwanted items to cooking and starting and finishing projects. For many of us, our homes represent not only where we live, but our office and schools for our children—for me it's been my grandkids. The most important thing is our homes have been a safe zone. They’ve also been our own personal restaurant. Our backyards have been our playground and our sanctuary to stay sane.

I realized how grateful I am for my home. We also have a motorhome, which has given us the freedom to travel safely and independently during this pandemic. If you're like me, many of us for the first time have never been home for this amount of time. It's actually been amazing after the panic was gone to pause and reflect and enjoy the fruits of why we all have a home.

I am blessed to have a home that I love and that makes me and my family feel comfortable during the most uncertain time of our lives. In the beginning I purged anything that I felt I didn’t need or that wasn’t making me happy. It’s not perfect, and we have more to do, but our space is so refreshing and uncluttered. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, house or dormitory, your residence is your safe zone and it should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. It will make all the difference in the world. Don't forget about your patios for backyards; bring the inside out so you can enjoy the outdoors as well. They say just walking on the grass barefoot will ground you.

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